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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap episode 10 of Survivor Cagayan. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show after the latest Survivor 2014 episode airs on CBS.

Survivor Cagayan has become Survivor CHAOS-yan, and Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back to talk about another shocking blindside live on Survivor Know It Alls!

Was Tony’s Blindside of Jefra Due to Tyler Perry Idol?

Rob opens the show with an important, but somewhat controversial question for Stephen: should we be thanking Tyler Perry for tonight’s blindside (and saving of Spencer) because Tony had the guaranteed safety to pull it off? Stephen says that it’s hard to give any credit to the Tyler Perry idol because it is objectively bad for the game, but acknowledges that it is definitely why Tony is acting like he’s invincible and continuing to make wild moves when he doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) have to. Stephen found it interesting that even with the Tyler Perry idol, Tony continued to play for an advantage at the food auction rather than eating anything.

Rob agrees with Stephen, and as a result he finds it odd that Tony is continuing to play a very paranoid game despite having safety in a number of forms. Stephen thinks that Tony must really believe in this idea of a women’s alliance, as he certainly didn’t seem to be voting out Jefra with very much confidence. Rob compares Tony’s position tonight to one he faced in the Amazon, where securing individual immunity pushed him in the direction of making a big move in getting rid of Alex because he knew it couldn’t backfire in the short term. Stephen says that big aggressive moves are just in Tony’s nature, and he is always more likely to gravitate towards camera-friendly behavior.

Which Pair is in the Best Position?

Rob moves on to discussing the next phase of the game, which changes now with three pairs of two: Spencer and Tasha, Tony and Woo, and Trish and Kass. Rob wonders if any of these pairs will team up, and Stephen feels it’s very possible that Spencer and Tasha could regain a power position thanks to Tony’s move tonight. Stephen notes that the Spencer edit has always been pretty positive, outside of Kass’ comments tonight that he’s a selfish college-aged man, and now he’s back on the “Spencer will win” train. Feeling Tony made the wrong move tonight, Rob predicts that Tony probably thinks he will be able to go right back to Kass and Trish next week, but the preview seems to indicate his allies are fed up with his antics.

Noting some fan backlash over how much power Tony has in the game right now, Stephen wants to sidebar on the subject of hidden immunity idols and how fairly they are incorporated into the game. He believes that idols do not favor big characters, but rather characters become significant when they make moves like finding these idols. Rob agrees, pointing out that the game would have seemed much more rigged if Spencer had found the new regular idol instead of Tony. Stephen also wonders if the auction is broken now that everyone is just waiting to bid all their money on an advantage in the game. Rob feels it’s probably a good time to go back to the drawing board with the auction, considering everyone who chose to buy food probably also left the auction with $300 still in their pockets. Rob and Stephen also discuss the new development of a rock draw tiebreaker to settle maximum bids at the auction, rather than giving it to the first person to bid all their money

Who Will win Survivor Cagayan?

As always, Rob and Stephen RHAP up the show by taking your questions: How have Kass’ odds at winning the game changed after tonight? Did Tasha screw up by not drawing a rock for the advantage? And which of the three duos is the tightest? Plus, Rob and Stephen take a first crack at breaking down where this season’s jury votes are likely to fall – it’s only on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode recap

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