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LIVE at 9:15 pm ET / 6:15 pm PT Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap episode 11 of Survivor 2014 Cagayan. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show.

The Know-It-Alls Recap Who Got Voted Off Survivor

On the heels of Tasha’s departure from the island, Stephen starts the show by congratulating Spencer Bledsoe on winning Survivor Cagayan, claiming the continuation of his perfect, underdog hero’s edit points to his inevitable victory two weeks from tonight. Rob doesn’t see it that way though, feeling it’s very likely Spencer will actually be voted out in the next episode and is unlikely to go on an immunity run to get himself to the end of the game. Stephen feels it’s more than likely that Tony and Kass’ antagonism in tonight’s episode could continue and lead to Tony getting rid of Kass next week, even if Spencer didn’t win immunity. As a result, she could becomes the last jury vote Spencer would need to secure a win, as Tony has blindsided and otherwise angered a lot of the jurors thus far. Overall, Stephen remains fully convinced by Spencer’s edit, as one of the only likeable people still in the game and someone who has time and time again overcome the odds to stay alive in the game.

From there, Rob wants to know if Kass made the right move tonight by deciding to try to use Tony as a Russell Hantz-ian jury goat rather than trying to team up with the likeable Spencer and Tasha. Stephen, critical of Kass for delusional gameplay, says with some sarcasm that she 100% did make the right move, as she would never have been able to beat Spencer and Tasha and correctly realized she needed to go to the end with jerks. Rob agrees this was the correct realization, but probably stumbled on her way there, particularly with how confrontational she was with Tony. Stephen points out that Kass tends not to make smart decisions when she doesn’t have power, and once she figured out how to get it back, she was able to realize she was headed for a major strategic error. Rob feels that something is off with Kass in that she likes to play the victim, as we saw tonight with her claims that Tony was trash talking her even though no one backed her up and there was no footage of him actually calling her a bitch.

Continuing to chart the erratic but brilliant gameplay by Tony this season, Rob feels that Tony deserves credit for once again bringing allies whose eyes he pulled the wool over back into the fold. Stephen agrees, but says that Woo also deserves recognition for terrible gameplay tonight. Woo impressed tonight with his martial arts routine, his first significant airtime since stealing the clue to Spencer’s hidden immunity idol, but both Rob and Stephen think he botched the fake story of strategy talk that he reported back to Tony and Trish. Stephen wonders if Woo is to blame for being unprepared, or if Spencer was to blame for not preparing him and thus failing in his role as the strategist. Stephen also wonders, though, if Woo might have the Fabio-esque qualities that could get him to the end of the game. Rob is unconvinced, not finding Woo as likeable and easy to root for as Fabio ended up being by the end of Survivor Nicaragua, and says he would not be happy with such an ending. Rob is fairly sure Woo wouldn’t be able to put together a good jury argument anyway, unlike Fabio whose ability to speak from the heart worked much better than Chase and Sash’s attempts to be apologetic to the jurors they had wronged.

To RHAP up the show as always, Rob and Stephen take your questions: did Tasha unintentionally sway the others into voting her out tonight? Could Trish’s association with Tony hurt her in the endgame in the way many feel happened to Parvati with Russell in Heroes vs. Villains? Will Spencer staying be good for Tony’s game in any way? And why does black-hearted Stephen hate underprivileged Filipino children? The answer to these questions and more on Survivor Know It Alls!

Special Thanks to Brendan Noel for tonight’s episode summary

Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap Cagayan Episode 11, "Havoc to Wreak"

Survivor 2014: Know-It-Alls Recap Cagayan Episode 11, “Havoc to Wreak”

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