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Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Week 4 RHAP-up Podcast: JJ the Savior, Juelia the Saint

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Amy and Haley share their thoughts on week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.
In this podcast they discuss:
  • the decision weighing on many of the men about whether or not they should save Juelia because she got played by Joe
  • JJ saving Ashley S out of the blue
  • Dan not knowing if he should save Amber or Juelia
  • Juelia being portrayed as a saint 
  • JJ rehab-ing his image
  • JJ eliminating Megan and revealing he has an ex-girlfriend back home and no one being mad about it
  • Juelia asking Chris Harrison to bring Mikey back
  • Mikey coming back after Juelia was seemingly eliminated
  • the arrival of Nick Peterson of Bachelor Pad notoriety
  • the differences between Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise
  • Kirk and Carly’s fishing date
  • Ashley S. and Nick’s tequila connection
  • Jade and Tanner’s overnight date
  • Predicitions about Jade and Tanner’s future—is an engagement likely?
  • Josh and Tenley’s invisibility
  • Mikey and Juelia’s wrestling date
  • Samantha’s text conversations with different guys
  • Samantha’s 180 in her feelings for Joe
  • Jared breaking things off with Ashley I.
  • Ashley I. and Joe bonding
  • Joe threatening to expose Sam’s lies
  • Jared’s concerns about his image and not being over Kaitlyn
  • Ashley I. calling Kaitlyn
  • Who is the villain: Joe or Sam?
  • Joe apologizing to Juelia on After Paradise
  • the After Paradise fakeout with Nick V
  • the reveal of Ben Higgi as the next Bachelor
  • Previews showing Chris Bukowski returning and Amber and Justin hooking up
  • tangents about food, Friends and Ted Danson
  • listener questions and more!
Haley (@hstrong_)
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