Amazing Race

Rob Has a Web Show: Brenchel’s Meldown in Italy is the Real March Madness

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This is Spreecast! Rob Has a Web Show reboots this week after having some technical difficulties with Vokle and starts up on Spreecast. Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss the latest drama with Brenchel’s big meltdown on The Amazing Race. Was this the greatest Brendon and Rachel fight of all time? Plus, did production step in to save Mark and Bopper on this leg of the Amazing Race. We will also dive into the controversy over Adam Carolla’s firing on the Celebrity Apprentice and the March madness pool created by Matthew J Quinlan. And of course, we’ll preview the switch that could be coming on this week’s Survivor.

Plus, we’ll discuss the controversy over Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump shown with pictures of having killed animals on a recent safari.


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