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Spyson Returns: Spencer Pratt & Tyson Apostol Recap Marriage Boot Camp Episode 2

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Tyson Apostol and Spencer Pratt return to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss episode 2 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

In was another rocky week for the couples on Marriage Boot Camp!  Rob talks to Spencer and Tyson about this week’s activities that were cooked up by Jim and Elizabeth.  First up, Tyson and Spencer were forced to go to divorce court with Judge Toler from “Divorce Court”.  Tyson came under a lot of fire for saying that he couldn’t love Rachel the way that she loved him and Judge Toler told Rachel that she would have hit her with a stick if she was her daughter.  Ironically, Tyson is the one claiming that he was slapped in the face by Jim, one of the Marriage Boot Camp counselors.

In the second part of the episode, Spencer and Tyson were confronted by seeing their significant others in a pretend car wreck.  Both men had to confront the fact that they were the cause of their significant others getting killed while texting them in an argument.

In addition, Tyson and Spencer discuss some recent movies, the Justin Bieber photoshop controversy and what Spencer and Heidi do with Milk Duds at the movie theatre.

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