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Recapping the SNL’s Hosted by Jonah Hill and Lindsay Lohan

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With new SNL episodes over the last two weeks, it was time to dial up Rich Tackenberg for another Saturday Night Live podcast. Rob and Rich are the co-founders of the SNLhallOFfame.com. On this episode, Rob and Rich break down the Saturday Night Live episodes hosted by Oscar award nominee, Jonah Hill and troubled twenty-something, Lindsay Lohan.

Rob and Rich gave favorable reviews to the Jonah Hill show, even though the opening Rush Limbaugh sketch was not too amazing. Overall, it’s been a tough season for the opening sketches on SNL. Rob and Rich also both liked Jonah Hill’s monologue which portrayed Jonah as having an over inflated ego post Oscars and featured a cameo from Tom Hanks.

Jonah Hill reprises his role as Adam Grossman at Benihana to a much better effect than in Jonah’s first SNL hosting stint. Jonah then went on get hit in the testicles repeatedly by tennis balls in a parody of Sports Science. Playing a ninja on “J-Pop American Fun Time Now” Jonah Hill almost lost it on several occasions.

Rob and Rich felt like the best sketch of the night was the sketch where Jonah Hill played a scientist who taught an ape to talk. Brutus, the ape, then went on reveal the details of how Jonah’s character had raped him… or convinced Brutus to rape his character (it’s complicated).

Another highlight of the Jonah Hill hosted show was the return of Bill Heder’s Stefon on Weekend Update. On the heel’s of another brilliant performance last week by Heder as James Carville on Weekend Update, Stefon brought down the house as he explained what a Human Roomba is.

On the other side of the ledger, Rob and Rich break down Lindsay Lohan’s show and discuss how it was much more miss than hit. One of the sketches which has received a lot of attention was “The Real Housewives of Disney”. Rob and Rich both felt like the sketch has gotten a little over-rated. Rich also liked the Physic Awards and Rob felt like that had already been done during the Porn Awards montage.

Rob and Rich also preview what’s coming up next on SNL, what might happen during the Sophia Vergara episode, when is the goodbye taped and is this the most attractive female cast of SNL of all-time

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