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We Target This Weekend’s SNL hosted by Daniel Radcliffe

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Saturday Night Live was all new this weekend as the artist formerly known as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, made his hosting debut with Musical Guest, Lana Del Rey. Rob Cesternino is joined by his co-creator of the site, SNLhallOfFame, Rich Tackenberg to break down the last couple of weeks of SNL.

Rob begins by recounting some of the firestorm about this week’s SNL in reference to the musical performance of Lana Del Rey. Many people were horrified by the performance which was described as pitchy. Juliette Lewis notably took to twitter to complain about the performance of the songs “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans”.

Rich really enjoyed the Radcliffe hosted SNL and Rob thought it was just so-so. Both Rich and Rob agreed that the political cold opens on Saturday Night Live have been in a major slump. This week’s entry of Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney was no exception.

Rich and Rob also discussed the return of Kristen Wiig’s “Target Lady” after a lengthy hiatus, which wasn’t a standout but provided some laughts. Conceptually, the guys really liked the idea of the “You Can Do Anything!” sketch, but Rob felt a little uncomfortable laughing too hard about making fun of people for accomplishments on twitter and on the internet.

Rob and Rich were both disappointment with “The Jay Pharoah Show” since they were hoping this would be a breakout moment for Jay. Unfortunately, the sketch was nothing more than some great Jay Pharoah impressions with little else in the middle.

Later, Rob and Rich discussed the Charles Barkley hosted episode from last week. Both Rob and Rich were very disappointed with the show and Rich thought Barclay is not even good at reading the cue cards.

Rob and Rich also disagreed over the funniness of the Lord Wyndemere sketch. Rob really liked Paul Brittain’s sweet-loving, riddle-asking character while Rich really hated him.

Finally, Rob and Rich touched on a few other television shows including How I Met Your Mother and the demise of Work It.

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