Survivor: The Amazon

Survivor: Amazon; the sixth season of the beloved series; finds the survivors deep in the heart of the Jungle. In addition to the usual battle of wits and endurance; the Amazon becomes a battle of the sexes as men and women are divided into two opposing tribes; the Tambaqui and the Jaburu. Facing exhausting heat; floods; flesh-eating piranhas; and anacondas; the contestants have more to worry about than just the opposing tribe. In a struggle to prove the superiority of their sex; the tribes push towards survivor glory. The women get off to a landslide start; but struggle to keep their footing as their lack of shelter starts to dampen spirits. Further complications arise when the survivors are asked to betray their teams and choose a tribe. Watch as alliances are made; loyalties are questioned; and clothes are removed for peanut butter. Find out who; and which gender; will be the sole survivor in this special-edition DVD set with revealing special features.

No Turning Back by “Coach” Ben Wade

In 1996, Benjamin Wade, then 24 years old, set out to paddle his kayak from Baja, California, to South America—a six-thousand mile journey expected to take several months. Everyone told him he was crazy. At times he thought he was crazy. Throughout his months of travel he made new friends, battled the elements and sharks, encountered a playful school of dolphins and paddled so close to a humpback whale that he feared the mammal would lift his kayak up from the ocean’s surface. He camped on beaches and made friends with the locals in the small towns he stopped at along the way. Fighting the the weather—including Hurricane Hernan—he was often broke, usually hungry, and was forced at times to stop to work for his meals or recuperate from injuries. Showers were a luxury, sunburn a constant danger, but crushing loneliness overshadowed all other discomforts. During those long months he found within himself a deep faith that carried him through what he would later describe as “six months of hell.” These pages hold the account of that journey, an expedition that made him, in the end, a stronger person.