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It’s the not-so-highly anticipated podcast that a three or four of you have been waiting for… it’s the Saved By the Bell Megacast with Eric Stein from Big Brother.  On this Saved by the Bell podcast we will discuss:

– All of the great unanswered questions from Saved by the Bell like:  Where did Tori come from?  How did Zack and friends get from Indiana to Bayside High School?  Whatever happened to Max or Screech’s robot Kevin?  Why were Zack and Screech even friends?  Where did Mr. Belding’s secretary sit?  And much, much more!

– What were the crazy antics that Dustin Diamond alleges took place in his Saved By the Bell tell all book and how much of his stories do we believe?

– What is the greatest Saved by the Bell episode of all time?

– What is Mr. Belding doing these days?

– When did Zack lose his virginity and did he lose it to Kelly Kapowski?

– Who should be cast in the Reality Star re-imagining of Saved By the Bell?

I could keep typing for an hour and not express half of what we talked about in this Saved By the Bell podcast.  It’s a Saved by the Bell podcast that is so big, Zack Morris’ phone is small in comparison… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

Part 1 with Eric Stein:

Part 2 with Eric Stein:

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