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Can Rob Help Save Primetime Alex Stein from Limbo on Glass House?

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As recapped by master recapper, Amy H. (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

Rob is flying solo today and ready to talk saving Primetime Alex Stein from limbo on Glass House and saying sayonara to Ryan and the Eggman on The Bachelorette.

Rob gives an update on the Big Brother poll– there are already huge numbers after just 2 days of voting. Now is the time of year when all of the BB people come out of the woodwork: in this past week, 5 Big Brother contestants have graced the RHAP airwaves: Eric Stein, Matt Hoffman, Evel Dick Donato, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. Be sure to sign up for the live feeds through Robhasawebsite.com to get your 2 free gifts. The first person who wins live feed BINGO (and tweets it to Rob) will get their live feeds paid for next year.

Next, Rob launches into his Save Alex Stein campaign. He cites the Glass House debut’s poor ratings as evidence that the show needs Primetime Alex Stein. Brandon Donlon calls in to provide a counterpoint to Rob’s Alex Stein love. He doesn’t like his Colton hair and rude comments. Rob then plays Primetime’s freestyle rap on Youtube and then laments the difficulties of trying to vote for Alex Stein on abc.com. Rob takes a viewer question about the difference between Alex and Colton. Rob doesn’t think Alex really stands behind his nasty comments– he is just trolling the house. He also discusses Alex Stein with video callers Stephen Lehman and Call Me Crazy. Call Me Crazy also provides tips for finding X-rated photos and videos of contestant Joy. Mark Celera also calls in as a supporter of Primetime 99. In a spreecast first, Mark also has a text question during his video call. Rob gives his final plea: If you enjoy reality TV, how can you not enjoy Alex Stein? He also talks a little bit about Apollo’s card strategy and Erica’s question about Arie on the Bachelorette.

Then Rob turns the discussion to The Bachelorette, which he compares to the Amazing Race with all the traveling they’re doing. Rob was not surprised Eggman Travis got eliminated. Rob, speaking from experience, says there’s simply no coming back from “the friend zone.” He also thought the ostrich egg did Travis in from the get-go. Lesson: Cool guys have ostriches, not eggs. Rob was more surprised that Ryan got eliminated because he seemed to be an early front-runner. He also didn’t like that the other guys narked on him. Rob also touches on the Arie scandal that was teased for next week – allegedly he hooked up with one of the producers before he got on the show. Rob hesitates to fully commit to Bachelor Pad coverage this summer, but it is on his radar. Kalon and Tony from this season are confirmed cast members. Rob will also be covering the new show Big Baboon House (Big Brother with baboons).

Leonardo calls in to close out the show. He wasn’t a big fan of Glass House and Alex Stein’s “low moves” of calling girls “fat” and “strippers.” He also wasn’t sad to see Ryan go on The Bachelorette because he was too cocky and rude to Emily.

That’s a wrap for this web show– be sure to check out Nicole’s That Pretty Fit Chick web show on Thursday, the Friggin’ 5, and the next movie podcast this weekend.

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