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Recapping This Week’s SNL Hosted by Zach Galifianakis

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This week, Zach Galifiankis returns to SNL for his third hosting stint in anticipation of The Hangover 3. Rob is joined by SNL expert Rich Tackenberg to break down this week’s show.

Rob and Rich thought that the Fox and Friends Cold Open was a way to open the show which was used to catch up on the current events since the last new episode. Rich has a few great corrections which were issued by the hosts of the show. Following the cold open, Rob and Rich enjoyed the Zach Galifianakis monologue, even though it was very derivative of his previous monologues.

In the first live sketch after the monologue, there was a Game of Thrones game show asking Game of Thrones fans questions from the real world. Neither Rich nor Rob really cared for Game of Game of Thrones. Rich didn’t really like the Jennifer Aniston lookalike contest but it was Rob’s favorite sketch of the show.

Rich appreciated the the music of “Of Monsters and Men” as well though Rich questioned their clothing choices for the show. After another week of Weekend Update with appearances by James Carville and “The Girl You Wish You Didn’t Talk to at a Party”, Rob and Rich update the current Weekend Update Correspondent Power Rankings, with Carville making some progress in the rankings.

In the second half of the show Rob and Rich discuss the M & M store sketch, why this could be a turning point for New Balance sneakers and what the use of Jon Hamm meant in the Darrell sketch. Finally, Rob and Rich make predictions for whats in store when Kristen Wiig returns to the show next week.

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