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Ben Affleck, Cast Turnover and Stefon’s Farewell on SNL

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Rob Cesternino is joined by Rich Tackenberg to discuss a big week on Network TV Comedy. Starting with this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live, Rob and Rich go on to discuss the series finale of The Office and the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.

Saturday Night Live

We knew this was going to be a big show this week when it was reported that standout cast member, Bill Hader, was going to be leaving the show after this episode. The news continued to come from 30 Rock as rumors leaked that both Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis were also going to be leaving the show.

As for the actual episode the show opened with a Keenan Thompson as Al Sharpton discussing the IRS scandal. In the monologue, Ben Affleck discussed being a member of the 5 timers club before rehashing a “controversy” from his Oscar speech with his wife, Jennifer Garner.

The highlight of the show came during the much anticipated appearance of Bill Hader’s signature character, Stefon. When Stefon stormed off the stage, what followed was a hilarious look at Stefon’s wedding to Anderson Cooper. To see more about all of the guests in attendance for Stefon’s wedding, click here.

The last sketch of the night was another sendoff as Fred Armisen reprised his role as Ian Rubbish and played with Hader and Sudeikis. However, in the closing credits only Armisen and Hader were shown prominently, which made Rob wonder if Jason Sudeikis is definitely leaving.

The Office (Starts at 50:55)

Rob and Rich discuss the series finale of “The Office” and some of the things that did not make sense with the show’s final episode. After seeing Steve Carrell return as Michael Scott, the guys decide if they like how the show brought him back.

How I Met Your Mother (Starts at 1:05:10)

After the revelation that Ted’s future wife was being revealed, Rob and Rich discuss the season finale of How I Met Your Mother and what is coming in the final season of HIMYM this fall.

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