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Breaking Down Maya Rudolph’s Return to Saturday Night Live

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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg are the creators of the SNLHallofFame.com website and today they are back together to discuss the most recent edition of Saturday Night Live hosted by show alum, Maya Rudolph. Both Rob and Rich thought this was a great episode of the show even if they weren’t exactly sure why Maya Rudolph was hosting the show this week.

The show opened up with a spoof on the coverage that New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin has been receiving in the media this week. Both Rob and Rich thought it was a LINteresting idea for a sketch but probably went on for a bit too long. On the bright side, it wasn’t a Mitt Romney cold open.

Some of the highlights of the show included the return of “Bronx Beat” with Amy Poehler returning to reprise the recurring sketch. Rob and Rich both were happy to see the return of “Bronx Beat” which featured an appearance by Justin Timberlake.

One of the other high points of the show was the sketch where the sketch where Maya Rudolph played Michelle Obama discussing the new sitcom starring the Obama family which was a spoof of the Cosby Show. Though SNL has largely ignored Barack Obama this season, this was a great job by Fred Armisen and Joe Biden as Theo Huxtable.

However, there were a few low points in the show including the return of Keenan Thompson’s “What Up With That” and the “Super Showcase” sketch, which ulitimately was saved by the cracking up of Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Bill Heder.

Rob and Rich also discussed the high points and low points of the last few episodes. Rob and Rich both felt like the Zoey Deschanel episode was a good one but the Channing Tatum episode was not. With both episodes the guys go though the list of things that worked and did not work.

The next new episode of SNL will be hosted by Lindsay Lohan (who is hosting for her 4th time) and Rich gives his predictions for how that show will go.

Finally, Rob and Rich discuss some “How I Met Your Mother” and how accurate the drunk train was, whether Ted and Robin should get back together and whether Kal Penn (aka Kumar) was a good character on the show.

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