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Why the SNL Season Premiere Left Us DisappoinTED

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Rob Cesternino was joined by SNL expert, Rich Tackenberg from TheRich-Fix.com to discuss this week’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live. The first SNL host of the season was Family Guy creator and director of “Ted”, Seth MacFarlane.

The new season featured a number of changes to the cast of “Saturday Night Live”. Gone are Kristen Wiig, Andy Sandberg and Abby Elliot. The show also changed cast members who will impersonate President Obama. Fred Armisen is out as the Impersonator in Chief, replaced by Jay Pharoah.

Rob and Rich discussed the shows first sketch which featured Pharoah as Obama for the first time. While the guys preferred Pharoah’s impersonation to Armisen’s, they both feel like SNL has never quite gotten Barack Obama right as a comic character. On the other hand, Jason Sudeikis picked up right where he left off in terms of being on point as Mitt Romney.

As a whole, both Rob and Rich felt like Seth MacFarlane was under-utilized by the show. Rob thought that writing for a show like Family Guy, there would be no shortage of outrageous sketches for Seth MacFarlane to appear in, but he seemed to have very little to do in the first half of the show.

Youtube star, Psy, made an appearance in a sketch. Plus, Bill Heder did a terrific job as Clint Eastwood. Another highlight was the Puppet master sketch in which Heder played a former retired soldier who had a memorable incident in Grenada with a flame thrower. MacFarlane also got a chance to shine during weekend update when he got to impersonate Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte talking about all of the new shows for the fall season.

However, there were a couple of lowlights, including Fred Armisen’s return as the insensitive talk show producer, some political attack ads against Mitt Romney and way too much time spent making fun of Steve Harvey’s suits.

Plus, Rob and Rich reveal their bet on whether Dan Gheesling will win Big Brother.

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