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Awarding the Best of Saturday Nght Live Season 37

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Rob Cesternino is joined by SNL expert Rich Tackenberg to discuss all of the best moments from the 37th season of Saturday Night Live. In season 37 of SNL there were tons of great moments so Rob and Rich are giving out awards in many different categories to recognize the outstanding achievements from this past year.

Rob and Rich start off the show by debating the winner of the Best commercial parody and discussing the merits of the best parodies including Almost Pizza, Kempurpedic Mattress with Jason Segal, and Little Poundcake, the HPV vaccinating doll. What was the season’s best new character? In a season of great Weekend Update moments what was the best moment – Stefan, James Carville, Really with Seth and Amy, Drunk Unlce, the weekend Update Joke-Off?

What was the best monologue of the season? Rob and Rich narrow it down to the monologues from Charlie Day, Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Alec Baldwin and Ben Stiller. What was the best Digital Short of the season created by Andy Sandberg?

Rob and Rich also debate what was the worst episode of the season? After some deliberation the guys narrow it down to the episodes hosted by Anna Faris, Lindsay Lohan and Channing Tatum.

On the positive side, Rob and Rich feel like the clear cut best episode of the season was an easy decision to make. From top to bottom one episode was the overwhelming favorite to win the award for the season’s best show.

Finally, Rob and Rich debated the merits of who was the best performer of the season. The guys narrow it down to Bill Heder and Kristen Wiig and have a very difficult decision to make.

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