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Recapping Kristen Wiig’s Farewell & This Month on SNL

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With another month (and season) of Saturday Night Live in the books, Rob is rejoined by Rich Tackenberg to discuss the month of May on Saturday night live – covering the shows hosted by Mick Jagger, Will Ferrell and Eli Manning. The big news from the Mick Jagger hosted show this past week was the teary farewell to Kristen Wiig in her final SNL episode. Rob and Rich break down what the precedent is for these kinds of goodbyes on Saturday Night Live and discuss what the future may hold for Jason Sudeikis and Andy Sandberg.

On the actual show, Rich felt like the writers left most of the heavy lifting up to Kristen Wiig instead of to Mick Jagger. Wiig performed her Lawrence Welk show number with an appearance from Jon Hamm and also got to play one last round of Secret Word. However, Rich was incredulous to see The Californians re-appear to be the final sketch of Kristen Wiig’s SNL career. Furthermore, Rich was besides himself that a Steve Martin cameo was wasted in that same sketch.

Turning to the Will Ferrell episode, Rob and Rich both felt like Will Ferrell was very under utilized by the SNL writers in his hosting stint. Both of the guys really enjoyed the return of Ferrell’s George Bush as Joe Biden’s imaginary friend… the show peaked before the cold open. Other than the return of the Kulp’s with Ana Gastayer, Ferrell was used sparingly the rest of the night.

In Eli Manning’s chance to host the show, Rob and Rich also agreed that the New York Giant quarterback did a very serviceable job as host. Rich correctly predicted that Eli would dress as a woman and Rob liked seeing Eli’s text messages while on the witness stand.

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