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Recapping Justin Timberlake’s 5th Time Hosting SNL

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This weekend Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for the 5th time. To discuss this highly anticipated episode, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg got together to break down every thing in the show from this week and last week’s show hosted by Kevin Hart.

Rob and Rich discussed just how much people were excited by Justin returning to SNL this week. For the most part, the show lived up to expectations, though there weren’t too many new sketches that worked in the show.

The show opened with Justin Timberlake doing an impression of Elton John and a parody of “Candle in the Wind” for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The song was very well done and a very funny way to start the show.

In the monologue, Justin was inducted in to the famous, 5 Timers club. In the sketch that was originally created in 1990 when Tom Hanks hosted for the 5th time, Timberlake is greeted by fellow 5 time hosts Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase and Candice Bergen. Justin is served a drink by SNL bartender, Dan Aykroyd and food from Martin Short.

After the first commercial, we got a dating game parody that featured the return of Timberlake and Andy Sandberg’s characters from the “Dick in a Box” videos. They were joined by Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin reprising their roles as the Two Wild and Crazy Guys. Rob and Rich agreed that this sketch was the highlight of the show. Later Justin reprised his famous Omelette-ville sketch, this time doing street advertising for Vegan-ville against Bobby Moynihan.

Other highlights of the show included a hilarious performance by Stefan in Weekend Update, the Nuva Bling commercial and a pair of former adult film actresses trying to sell Moet & Chandon champagne.

Things were not as rosy when it came to talking about the Kevin Hart SNL from last week. Rob and Rich discuss many of the lowlights from last week’s rough outing for SNL

The SNL podcast will return in April to discuss the next new live show hosted by Melissa McCarthy.

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