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This Weekend’s Update: Jason Segel on Saturday Night Live & The SNL Hall of Fame

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This weekend, Jason Segel from “How I Met Your Mother” and the upcoming film, “The Muppets” hosted an all new Saturday Night Live. Rob Cesternino talks with SNL-guru, Rich Tackenberg about this week’s show, the current season of Saturday Night Live and the SNL Hall of Fame. On this all SNL podcast we will discuss:

– How did the Jason Segel episode from this weekend stack up? What were the best sketches from the show and how did Jason Segel do as a host? Also, Does Jason Segel secretly not like working on “How I Met Your Mother”?

– How has the 37th season of SNL compared to the previous seasons? Have there been any standout episodes? What does Rich think have been the best sketches through the first half of the season?

– What should we expect from the upcoming episodes of Saturday Night Live, including Steve Buscemi (December 10th) and Jimmy Fallon (December 17th)? What special guest stars do Rob and Rich think are likely to show up for the Jimmy Fallon episode?

– What exactly is the SNL Hall of Fame and how did Rob and Rich come up with the idea to start it? Who is already in the SNL Hall of Fame and who is on the ballot to be able to be voted in at the end of 2011?

– Which of the current Saturday Night Live cast members might someday be included in the SNL Hall of Fame? Which are the SNL Cast members that may have overstayed their welcome on the show.

– Plus, we’ll take your questions that have been submitted including What SNL sketch should be made into a movie, which SNL cast member has the brightest future and why do people say that SNL sucks NOW?

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