Russell Hantz & Edna Ma on Brandon’s Dramatic Survivor Exit

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After his memorable exit from Survivor Caramoan, all of Survivor nation was abuzz today about Brandon Hantz. We had to know, what did Russell Hantz have to say about Brandon’s exit from the game? Rob Cesternino and Nicole dial up Russell to get his take and hear from Brandon’s former tribemate Edna Ma on a special edition of Rob has a Podcast.

Rob starts off by asking Russell what he was thinking about Brandon’s show last night and Russell couldn’t believe that he heard Brandon talking about quitting the game. Russell said that this was the same as Brandon giving up the immunity idol to walk out of the game in that way. Rob asked Russell about the difference between Russell burning socks of the other players and what Brandon did. Russell Hantz says that everything he did was for strategy but what Brandon did was so he could go home.

Rob wanted to know what Russell thought of Jeff Probst talking about him during the episode last night and doesn’t know why Jeff would bring him up. Rob also asked Russell about Jeff’s appearance on with Kelly and Michael this morning where Jeff said that Russell was his least favorite player of all time.

Rob wonders if Brandon tries so hard at Survivor just to get Russell’s approval. Rob and Nicole plead with Russell to see if he can give Brandon a little more praise once in a while

Shifting gears, Rob and Nicole bring up Edna Ma who played for 32 days on Survivor South Pacific with Brandon. Edna says that this sort of behavior from Brandon is no surprise to somebody who played the game with him. Edna said that Brandon would often talk about wanting to leave the game, only to have Coach talk him off of the ledge.

Edna also tells us how she likes the game of her former cast mates in John Cochran and Dawn Meehan. As somebody who has been on receiving end of many of Brandon’s outbursts, Edna thinks that Brandon certainly has some stability issues that need to be treated. Edna also has some insight in to her friend Corinne Kaplan, who became the spokesperson for the favorites tribe at the challenge last night.

Edna answers a number of your questions from the Facebook fan page from both Survivor South Pacific and from Survivor Caramoan.

Finally, Rob and Nicole listen to your voicemails to discuss all of your questions from the show. Rob answers some criticism that Rory presents against how he handled the situation with Brandon Hantz on Survivor Know-It-Alls.

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