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Rob Has a Web Show: Will Clay or Arsenio Win Celebrity Apprentice?

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-As recapped by master recapper and RHAP intern, Amy (@RHAPrecapper) 

There’s so much to get to on a jam packed edition of Rob Has a Web Show, this Wednesday 5/16 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT. First things first, Rob and Nicole go over this weeks edition of The Celebrity Apprentice where Aubrey O’Day got fired, leaving Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall as this season’s Final 2. Rob and Nicole debate who will be the hired as this year’s Celebrity Apprentice by Donald Trump.

At the top of the show, viewers want to know more about Robb Zbacnik’s (Survivor Thailand) interview where he allegedly disparaged Rob. Stay tuned for coverage of this developing story- Rob is withholding comment until he listens.

Rob was extremely fired that Aubrey O’Day was fired this week. Rob thought the whole season was leading to a Clay vs. Aubrey showdown for the finale… but Rob thinks an Arsenio vs. Aubrey finale would have been great too. Instead, Rob can’t make heads or tails of why Donald Trump would want to have Arsenio Hall vs. Clay Aiken in the finale. Nicole says it was because John Rich and Marlee Matlin were so anti Aubrey O’Day, but Rob doesn’t buy it. Rob is starting to think that the fix is in for Arsenio Hall to win Celebrity Apprentice because Rob says that Donald Trump has been sucking Arsenio’s kneecaps all season long. Rob thinks that Donald Trump may find Magic Johnson and the Magic Johnson Foundation to be a more desirable organization to be attached to than Clay’s charity. Rob says that he thinks it’s 70% that Arsenio will win, but Nicole thinks it’s even higher than that.

On the actual episode, Rob and Nicole discussed Mural-gate and how Clay’s decision to select Debbie Gibson in the draft has come back to bite him. Clay Aiken put Debbie Gibson in charge of getting her cousin to paint a large mural, on the condition that Clay saw a sketch before it went up. Rob and Nicole think the reason that Debbie Gibson wont show a sketch is because it’s actually a mural of Debbie Gibson singing “Shake Your Love”.  Rob also thinks the Magic Johnson video snafu is a bait-and-switch by the editors. They will probably have another camera angle uploaded soon. But Nicole points out that “podcast people” might be to blame. Nicole is also dismayed that they blurred out the weiner in the “penis cage” at the costume store. Rob is very happy to have Adam Carolla back– he feels Donald Trump made a big mistake getting rid of the Aceman so soon. They also talk about Arsenio “baracking this mofo,” Aubrey’s visualizing prowess, and Lisa Lampanelli playing both sides.

Plus, Rob and Nicole discuss the premiere of this season’s Bachelorette. Rob and Nicole give their impressions of Emily Maynard and the guys competing to win her affection. Nicole discusses some of her favorites including Helicopter Guy and Skateboard guy. Rob doesn’t understand “Mrs. Doubtfire” (the guy who dressed up as an old lady) and can’t believe that “Eggman” got the final rose of the night. Rob thinks that Emily was a poor choice for the Bachelorette because she is very boring and won’t cause a lot of drama.  Rob feels Emily should not have axed the only African American the first night. Nicole gives a rendition of songwriter David’s tune “Emily.” (How could she remember the lyrics?)

In Survivor news, Alicia Rosa’s single “Free” is now out. Rob thinks Matt Quinlan is douchey in a good way. Nicole thinks Kim Spradlin is upset with Rob for saying she didn’t have a personality. Also, Rob is calling a Survivor Summit to try to fix Survivor (#SurvivorSummit2012). Even Jeff Probst said this season was boring.

Rob closes out the show with two of the most revered video callers: Call Me Crazy and Leonardo. A recap cannot do these calls justice. You’ll have to tune in to see Call Me Crazy bedecked in Miss Survivor gear and witness the moment Leonardo SPEAKS (albeit very faintly)! Also, see if you can catch the moment when Rob’s spit boomerangs onto Nicole (27:40).

Don’t forget to look out for the “Best of One World” podcast tomorrow and the Lovecast this Friday, May 18th.


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