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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with the latest edition of Rob Has a Web Show to discuss this weekend’s upcoming Superbowl, the Miss Survivor competition and the latest news in the world of Reality TV.

Rob discusses how this is the worst possible Superbowl for the Jets fans and it’s the same matchup that we saw in Superbowl 42. Rob says it was a no-brainer to root against the Patriots going 19-0 in 2007, but this time it will be tougher to make a decision. Rob says that he will be rooting for the Patriots this year because it will be too much to handle if the Giants can win the Superbowl twice over 5 seasons.

Rob and Nicole also discuss the recent controversy on Fear Factor concerning the stunt where the contestants were asked to drink a large amount of Donkey Semen. Rob and Nicole discuss just how bad that would be and if it’s worse than eating an animal’s testicles.

Later in the show, Rob and Nicole discuss the latest happenings on Jersey Shore and all the drama that came with celebrating the birthdays of Pauly D and The Situation. Rob also gives his theory of how Vinny was able to return to the house and how Rob believes that production told the Jersey Shore cast members to go pick Vinny up. Also, there are numerous rumors this morning that Snooki may be pregnant and Rob and Nicole discuss how that affect the show.

Also on this show we explore the very tight race for the title of Survivor, why Boston Rob Mariano has been posted on twitter in 2012 and Rupert’s surprising campaign stance in his bid to become the libertarian candidate for Governor in Indiana.

Be sure to check back often with us over the next few days as plenty of podcasts and Miss Survivor interviews are on the way!

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