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As recapped by master recapper and RHAP intern, Amy @RHAPrecapper 

At the top of the show Rob reveals he’s now on board with The Bachelorette and is starting to understand what all the fuss is about. He also mentions he will be watching the Amercian Idol finale tonight, although he hasn’t been following the season.

Rob and Nicole then discuss how they are now part of the pageant world and know the ins and outs to prepare for Miss Survivor 2013. It’s never too early for the ladies of Survivor to start campaigning. Nicole is hoping for a swimsuit competition this time.

Rob and Nicole move into their discussion of The Bachelorette. They both think Emily is “enhanced.” They also discuss Emily’s boring date running errands with Ryan, and his 7-page letter. They also discuss her dismissal of Joe. Rob doesn’t understand how the love clock works, and obviously it didn’t work for Joe. They also discuss the Muppets date and the palapable sexual tension between Kermit and Emily. Was this appropriate for her daughter Ricki? Rob also does a Kermit impression.

Nicole thinks if Skateboard Jef doesn’t win, he might be the next bachelor. and Rob can’t believe there is an Alejandro and Alessandro on the show. Rob and Nicole also cover the feud between Stevie and Kalon, head trauma Charlie, and whether host Chris Harrison should be the next bachelor.

The third time’s the charm for Bachelorette Analyst Matt Quinlan’s video call. Matt thinks the bachelorette should be charismatic and able to carry the show, not just attractive. He finds Emily boring. He also casts a 3rd vote for fake boobs. He also reveals which rooster he thinks would be the best Bachelorette contestant: Troyzan. Rob imagines Troyzan saying “This is MY GIRLFRIEND!” MJQ also says that Jeff Probst was a victim of rooster karma at the reunion: he couldn’t keep him from asking Matt a question even though he didn’t plan to.

Nicole also breaks news that Snooki is having a boy and they talk a little bit about the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. Rob thinks they ran the show into the ground.

Next, the International Liaison of Love Leonardo calls in and Rob wants to find out how he’s handling his newfound fame. He also reveals he doesn’t like how Emily’s incessant and phony “Thank Yous.” Leonardo is also #TeamAlessandro.

Rob then announces that the Survivor Think Tank is happening this weekend, live on spreecast. Fans can submit ideas for discussion at:

They also talk briefly about Clay Aiken’s loss to Arsenio on the Celebrity Apprentice and go through a lightning round of viewer questions.

To close the show, Matthew J. Quinlan reports from the field, letting Rob and Nicole know that the biggest chicken on The Bachelorette is dancing queen Stevie, the party DJ, who Nicole also feels is the biggest douche on the show.

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