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Rob Has a Web Show: Brenchel vs Vanessa & Ralph on The Amazing Race

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss the latest happenings in the world of Reality TV with you once again on Rob has a Web Show. This week, the Amazing Race takes center stage as Rob and Nicole discuss Brendan and Rachel’s big fight with Vanessa and Ralph. We’ll break down the winners and losers and all the drama from this week’s Amazing Race. Plus, we’ll preview Wednesday night’s Survivor, discuss the Celebrity Apprentice and get ready for the big Reality Rally this weekend in Temecula.

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back this week to discuss the latest happenings on the Amazing Race and Survivor, and to preview the Reality Rally coming up this weekend.

Rob starts the podcast talking about his surprise podcast with Yul Kwon and how he was surprised that Yul wanted to talk so much about Survivor. Nicole says the podcast with Stacey “BLAM POW BOOM” Powell may be the first one she missed that she goes back and listens to.

Rob and Nicole then jump into a discussion of the Amazing Race. They discuss whether or not Rachel was lying to Vanessa about the flight time and whether or not Brenchel are the “floaters” on the Amazing Race. They then break down Brendan and Rachel’s big airport fight with Vanessa and Ralph. They also discuss the dynamics of Dave and the other Rachel.

Then Big Brother 10’s winner Dan Gheesling makes a surprise appearance. Dan says he likes Rob’s new logo and that he’s rooting for Brenchel to be the first 2-time winners of different reality shows. They also talk about what to do if you’re a crazy person who wants to get cast on a reality show and Dan mentions he will be doing a spreecast later that evening to answer more questions about how to get on reality TV.

There is also a surprise package delivery during the podcast- Rob and Nicole open it up to reveal an advance copy of Russell Hantz’s new show: Flipped Off.

Rob and Nicole also talk about the Reality Rally and the RHAP interview that he is auctioning for charity and go back to discussing the Amazing Race, including Mark and Bopper’s courting ritual and the teams attempts at pitching tents. They wrap up with a few questions about Survivor and a plea for Frank Clark and Call Me Crazy to get along on the message boards.

NOTE: The audio version of this show probably won’t be available until late Wed or early Thurs

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