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Rob Cesternino, Host of Rob Has a PodcastOver the two and a half year history of Rob Has a Podcast, I am continually shocked by the creativity of our community of listeners.  In February of 2010, there were but a handful of people listening to the poorly produced recordings between myself and Nicole.  Since that time, we’ve been extremely fortunate to connect with an audience that’s just as excited about reality TV as we are.  Recently, a group of our listeners got together to play out an intricate online game of Survivor cast with seventeen people heavily involved in the Rob Has a Podcast community.  Put together by Chris Turnage and Evelyn Huang, the entire game will be released week by week on their Facebook group with a detailed account of every plan, alliance, and blind side.  If you’re looking for some Survivor action to hold you over until September, I think you will really get a kick out of RHAP Survivor: One Web.  – Rob Cesternino

A Description of RHAP Survivor: ONE WEB by Chris Turnage

In late 2011, RHAP intern Kevin Donnelly hosted a survivor competition online between some fans and interns. Nine people competed, and Chris Turnage (that’s me!) emerged the winner. Now, I’m hosting season 2, and it’s bigger and better than ever with 17 Survivors, including 7 of the original Survivors from season 1, who battled it out over several months to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast each other for the title of sole survivor. This is RHAP Survivor: One Web, and their story is about to be posted for all to see.

Season 2 is very different from the first edition. First of all, season 1 only had 9 players, so it started as a “merged tribe” and played out in full view of anyone who wanted to watch on the RHAP Survivor Facebook fan page. Challenges and tribal councils were posted in real time. Unfortunately that made it hard for anyone who wasn’t playing to follow along since no one was able to see any of the strategizing going on behind the scenes. The result was that no strategy was revealed until after the season was over and we all spilled our guts about what happened during the game. Prior to that, all anyone got to see was us competing in challenges and voting at tribal council.

So when I decided to host, I took a different approach. First, I set up the game to take place in secret, using Facebook groups that were closed to the public. This also allowed me to control what the Survivors could see, so each tribe had their own group where they could strategize as a tribe for challenges, and where we also initially held tribal councils so that only tribe in question was there. Once the jury phase of the game started, I created a separate group for tribal councils so that the jury could observe only that portion of the game and not the challenges and “camp life.”

I also want to recognize the person who worked (and is STILL working) harder than anyone else this season. Fellow RHAP intern Evelyn Huang is my executive producer. She is the eyes and ears of this game. In order to capture the strategizing going on behind the scenes, we established a rule that any communication between Survivors, which primarily took place via Facebook messages, had to include Evelyn. In that sense, she was basically the “camera crew.” She was to observe everything but not intervene. Which also meant that her Facebook messages were blowing up for 2 months as she got upwards of 100 messages a day if not more. Right now she is using all that info she collected over the course of the game to write the “episodes” that are about to be posted for everyone who wants to follow along with the story. She also conducted confessional interviews with the Survivors regularly, and provided me with just enough info so that I could make tribal council interesting. I STILL don’t know what all went on in this game, so I’m just as excited to watch it play out as anyone else!

The episodes are going to be written in a format similar to Survivor Fan Fiction that you may have read. The only thing is… it’s not fiction! Sure, some of what happened will be dramatized to read as if it actually took place out on an island, but the strategizing, the conversations, the confessionals and tribal councils are all real. The challenges were a combination of flash video games, survivor trivia and puzzles among other things. Be on the lookout for a celebrity guest judge to make an appearance, as well as a couple of favorite challenges ripped right from the actual TV show! After each episode, we’ll even post the actual game used so that you can play along at home.

So join us for the season! Like our page, check out the cast pics and bios as well as my pre-game assessment of the cast. You can even scroll down through the timeline and read all of season 1, however you’ll just need to change the page settings to display posts by the page AND posts by others, it’s just one of those quirky Facebook things, and another thing that made season 1 a little difficult to follow. We’ll begin posting episodes soon, so fix your notification settings to make sure you get all the updates right away! I hope you’ll join us!

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