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The Craziest ‘Rob Has a Podcast’ Moments from 2011

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Better late than Never! All year long, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino have been hard at work (or so they say) at bringing you all of the latest news from the world of Survivor, Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, Jersey Shore and Pop Culture – and now some of the wildest moments from 2011 have been assembled in one podcast.

The Rob Has a Podcast interns broke up the past year into 12 months, under the supervision of intern Gary Lee and picked out their favorite moments from the last year. Then the selected clips were edited together by Alexander Thal who sets up all the action.

Highlights from the best of 2011 podcast include:

– Eric Stein on recasting “Saved By the Bell” with cast Members from Survivor and Big Brother

– Matt Hoffman on the era of male frontal nudity in modern film

– Highlights from this years two appearances from Tyson Aposotol

– Rob writes his letter to Russell Hantz apologizing for upsetting him during Survivor Redemption Island.

– Danielle DiLorenzo on and full fat salads

– Stephen Fishbach and Courtney Yates discussing Phillip Sheppard’s crab hunting skills

– Rob’s Various Impressions from 2011

– Nicole discusses her first experiment with a brazilian waxing with Eliza Orlins from Nicole Has a Girlcast

– Plus several of the best moments of Rob and Nicole from the Friggin 5 Podcasts.

So go ahead and enjoy our walk down memory lane in 2011 and let us know some of your other favorite moments from the last year.

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