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As recapped by Tyler James Linder…

Break out the martinis and shake your Magic 8-Balls, it’s Rob Cesternino’s Spreecast birthday party on a very special edition of Rob Has a Web Show where anything can happen and even Rob himself has no idea what’s in store. Rob Cesternino starts the show by reminiscing about the ten year journey he’s taken from preparing to be a contestant on Survivor: The Amazon to this landmark week in Rob Has a Podcast history interviewing Boston Rob Mariano.

The first guest of the night is none other than the Rooster himself, Matthew J. Quinlan. Matt shares some of his experiences in the reality TV charity circuit. Matt thinks Survivor: Phillipines is a very enjoyable season and loved the early three tribe dynamic. Rob and Matt discuss the similarities between himself and recent Survivor cast-off Russell Swan. Matt says he relates to Swan’s desire to not put himself out as the leader the second time around and feels bad Russell received such an unflattering edit. Rob asks Matthew about his reaction to the Bachelor pair breaking up. Matt says he’s not surprise at all and points to the show’s terrible track record for producing long term relationship.

Rob’s party is then crashed by the infamous Prime Time 99 Alex Stein who announces he’s filming a new reality show. Prime Time says he’s still friends with the Glass House cast and wishes he would have been nicer to them on the show. He teases that he plans to play his new reality show like Prince Charming on Ecstasy.

Rob Cesternino takes a surprise phone call from the ever allusive Daniel Liu. Rob and Daniel can’t believe it’s been ten years since their plane trip to go film Survivor: The Amazon. Daniel says he still keeps in contact with Earl Cole and Bob Dawg Mason. Daniel’s been keeping up with Survivor: Phillipines and scouting around for inside information on Facebook. Rob thinks it’s amusing how much the rules have changed regarding what Survivors can post online but think Mike Skupin saying he was going on a 39 day business trip was pushing the limits.

Rob is joined by the creator of the tundra hat himself, Aras Baskaukas. Aras thinks Pete Yurkowski showed his cards to Malcolm Freeberg way too early. Rob agrees and says Pete is going to be a classic victim of playing too hard, too fast. Aras thinks Jonathan Penner is in a great position and loved what he saw of Sarah Dawson and hopes she gets the pink gun she wished for in her parting words. Rob brings up something Aras and him have talked about over the phone called Winner’s Remorse. Aras explains that even though you knew the nature of the game going in, winners typically have a lingering feeling of post-season regret about stabbing genuinely good people in the back. Aras points out talking Danielle DiLorienzo into taking him to the final two over Terry Dietz even if it wasn’t the best thing for her game as an example of something he felt bad about after he won.

Rob brings in legend in the making John Cochran and asks him about all the comparisons between himself and Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry, incluing the similarities in their gameplay. Cochran says he din’t take any pleasure in seeing Ian win and was rooting for Dan Gheesling to take the half million. Rob tells Cochran about his story of meeting Lisa Welchell at the TV Land Awards. Cochran thinks the comparison between himself and Lisa is much more accurate. Cochran says that even though he wouldn’t care about Jeff Kent’s MVP status he’s very impressed by his gameplay in spite of the obvious stunt casting. Cochran feels bad for fellow superfan Sarah Dawson and revealed he also got an off camera hug from Jeff Probst after getting off of Survivor: South Pacific. Rob and Cochran go over some guidelines on Twitter etiquette, including the fact that it’s a rookie move to have Survivor as part of your handle.

Rob then plays a video of a variety of podcast guests, interns and other RHAP regulars wishing Rob a happy birthday. Rob rounds out the show with an extended question and answer session where he dabbles in his strategy for a potential third stint at Survivor, tells a twenty first birthday story Richard Hatch would be proud of, how he thinks he and Nicole would fare on The Amazing Race and shares some memorable moments between himself and Nicole Cesternino that happened on previous birthdays.

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