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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 9

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with his own guest for RHAP’s Big Brother Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother 19‘s very own Cameron Heard!


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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 9

Last week, a double eviction took out two players outside of the majority alliance, finally bringing the total number of houseguests down to single digits. Jessica joined us on RHAP as her boyfriend and in-house best friend, Cody and Elena, were sent off to the jury house. One is leaving the house with a girlfriend (and potential new wife, somewhere down the road?!) while the other is leaving with $5,000. I doubt either of them is too devastated about how things turned out. Funny enough, both evictees seem to be on the same page in regards to their new roles as jury members, as both Cody and Elena have said they would vote for Paul in the end.

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CodyCody— What a roller coaster ride we’ve been through with Cody. When you wrap it all up, it’s certainly not a great game. Cody made a move early on against Paul and once Paul took control, Cody became the #1 enemy. Cody never again had a chance. Could he have tried harder to make something happen? Absolutely, but it’s doubtful anything would’ve worked. We’ll see what happens when CBS inevitably brings him and Jess back in a future season. They’ve both probably learned a thing or two, and with a different set of houseguests and a reputation for playing such a bad game this time around, I think they have potential to do some damage.

ElenaElena— Elena didn’t have a whole lot of game. Just like most of these players, she felt comfortable in the arms of Paul and chose to let him guide her through the game. Once Mark and Elena realized what needed to be done, they had no numbers or power to make it happen. Just like Cody, there’s a lot more she could’ve done to at least try to find a way back in. What’s the worst that could’ve happened, she goes out in 11th place instead of 10th? What makes me sad is that my only other pre-season prediction (besides Mark as my winner pick) was that Elena had double eviction second-boot written all over her, and yet I can’t find that documented anywhere on the Internet. Too bad, so sad.







1. Paul   minus Same

Boston Paul Levassaur’s reign of dominance continues–this time, with an added element of safety, thanks to Mark. Paul’s explained to us how he sees his game and his plans going forward, and they line up directly with what we’re seeing. He’s positioning himself between all of the duos and as they form plans to take shots at each other; he’s comfortably going to ride with whichever pair holds power.

These people all know how good Paul’s game is and aren’t doing anything about it. It’s reasonable to say that most (if not all) of them would be fine losing to Paul. Cody and Elena both left the house praising Paul’s game and expressing a willingness to vote for him in the end. If his adversaries can come to that conclusion, you can understand how his loyal soldiers are ready to hand him the check as well.


1. Paul

This isn’t going to surprise anyone. Paul has been playing the hardest out of any person in the house! It’s probably because he is the only person who is only playing for himself and not for a pair or a group of people. He’s always trying to have multiple paths forward. Everyone is his friend and doesn’t want to upset him for fear of backlash. He also makes sure to plant seeds in everyone’s head weeks in advance so it doesn’t matter who wins the next HoH because he will get what he wants. Just look at the last few HoHs. This is Paul’s game to lose because I don’t see another houseguest waking up anytime soon.


2. Josh  green-arrow2

The one guy that gets Josh riled up the most is leaving this week. With Mark out of the way, there’s nobody left to get Josh in the mood for pots and pants and circus music. As the pairs all begin to target one another, Josh and Christmas are right in the middle. Alex and Jason want to work with them (and Paul) to get Matt and Raven out, while Matt and Raven want Josh and Christmas’ help in getting Alex and Jason out. And on top of that, nobody’s looking at Josh as a strong competitor.

It’s still so hard to tell how Josh would do if he made the final two. Right now, it seems like he could get the job done. It won’t be pretty, but I think he can do it.


2. Alex

I think Alex might be the only newbie who is actually playing a good game. She is great at competitions and has Jason as a shield because he will probably go out before her. She also has one of the best relationships with Paul in the house and that’s what I suspect will keep her safe the most. If it really is the three duos that are going to battle it out against each other at the end, my money is on Alex and Jason because of the amount of competitions they can win. I think Alex miiiiight??? turn on Paul eventually, and if she does that, she has the best chance to win the game.


3. Christmas  green-arrow2

While it feels like a waste of an HoH, especially given Christmas’ claim that she’s ready to get to work and start making things happen… it’s not a bad thing that she’s removing a house target from the game this week. She has no reason to cause any waves right now because as things stand, she’s a top candidate to be taken to the end. If she shook things up and went after anyone else this week, there’d likely be somebody angry with her and coming after her as soon as next week, even though she can barely defend herself. Like I said above, as the war begins to brew among the three duos, Christmas and Josh are sitting pretty in the middle with the power to decide which way they want to go.


3. Josh

A wise man once said that if you make your target so big, it becomes invisible. I can’t tell if Josh is a genius or an idiot. The reason I have Josh ranked so high is that he is useful to Paul. He will call people out when he’s told to do so and bash pots and pans just for fun. However, he does seem to have some pull in the house too! He did change the target back to Elena during the double and was working closely with Christmas this week. I think he will get carried further just because nobody is going to vote for him to win the game given how obnoxious he has been.


4. Matt  red-arrow2

As I continue spreading my #MattBias to anybody who will listen, I have to express a few concerns this week. A war is about to begin between the pairs and Matt’s a big target, much bigger than Raven. While I still believe that Matt has a good idea of what he’s doing and isn’t nearly as dumb as everyone makes him out to be, he’s not giving me much to work with this week.

I’ve noticed lately that Paul wants Matt in the game a lot longer than we expected. As the game continues to be all about “what does Paul want” it’s hard to bet against a guy that Paul wants to keep. If Matt genuinely wants to see Raven and Paul get to the end instead of himself, I take back every positive thing I’ve ever said about him. But I’m not 100% convinced just yet.


4. Christmas

Oh man, this was a crazy week of BIG MOVES… No, it wasn’t. Christmas did the obvious move but I can’t really blame her for that. It seems everyone thinks this is a team game and if you’re the first to go against the grain then you’re going to get evicted next. She isn’t great at competitions due to her injury and she only won this mental comp because Paul threw it to her. She won’t be able to defend herself so why should she go against the grain? It’s not the most entertaining television but she did exactly what she should do given her position.


5. Alex  green-arrow2

Alex has one of the worst social games in the house. She has zero personal connections besides Jason. Her partnership with Paul is strictly game. She is a strong competitor, but that’s the biggest factor hurting her game. There’s nowhere to hide anymore. Once Mark is gone, she’s going to rise right to the top of the list of strong competitors, along with her buddy Jason. Fortunately for her, Paul wants Jason to go before Alex because he knows she’ll be loyal until the end. But with Jason perfectly capable of winning the veto, Alex could be in serious trouble.


5. Jason

I really like Jason and he is a real stand-up dude. When Jason learned about becoming a father to a second child it was a very touching moment. However, that touching moment might be the nail in his coffin sadly. He has such a good story that if he makes it to the end he will win no matter who he sits next to! Also, I think he would have left before Alex anyways because he’s a huge competition threat. I don’t like that he called Mark out at the double eviction because that will make people in the future not want to work with him. He was also being placed up on the block as a pawn this week but was actually the backup target, so people are already looking at him like a threat.


6. Kevin  minus Same

Did Kevin’s position improve this week? While everybody still wants him out and agrees he’s threatening, it seems like they’ve all pushed him farther down the list. As the dynamic of the house shifts to this upcoming duos-war, Kevin may have found himself an extra week or two. Even Paul, who has been spearheading the campaign to take Kevin out, has included Kevin in future plans, mostly because he’s seen as a weak competitor.

His biggest problem is going to be finding a path to the end. Nobody will want to take him to final 2. He’ll have to win his way there, and that just doesn’t seem like a reasonable outcome.


6. Raven

There’s not much to say about Raven because she’s not really adding anything to this season. The only reason Raven is higher than Matt is that Matt has been on the block already a few times. The problem is she doesn’t have a plan for a path forward. Her plan is to rely on Paul and hope he takes her and Matt forward. The problem with showmances is when you have one, that’s the only person you spend time with! Raven needs to go out and spend time with other houseguests away from Matt so that they can make their own moves instead of being told the plan.


7. Jason  red-arrow5

One day down the road, Whistle-Baby #2 is going to be old enough to understand that he or she helped ruin Daddy’s Big Brother game. Did Whistle-Mom really think it was a good idea to tell him this news while he’s still playing the game? I mean, I guess I get it? It’s very exciting news and we have no idea how far along she is, so it’s probably better he knows now. But still, having a child on the way and the whole house knowing about it is not going to help when convincing others to bring you to the final 2.

Besides the Whistle-Baby, Jason’s put himself in a tough spot here. He won an HoH that he didn’t need to win… followed right by a veto win. With two wins within a week, all eyes are on Jason as a strong competitor who can’t be kept too much longer. He’s looking like a pretty juicy target for next week.


7. Matt

I have been in the Matt camp for a while now but this is the week I draw a line. I don’t understand why people are fine with being a pawn. PAWNS GO HOME! He almost left in the double eviction and has no idea. Matt hasn’t noticed that the last few pawns were already sent packing and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he doesn’t wake up. First, they went for Jody and everyone was fine with it because it wasn’t them. Then they went for Marlena and everyone was fine with that because it wasn’t them. Now they are coming for Maven and nobody will be there to help them. Matt has to wake up and start playing for himself or he will never have a chance to win. Matt’s game awareness is only on how many boxes of cereal are in the house and not the alliances and strategy of the game. You’re not playing to get to jury; you’re playing to win 500K.


8. Raven  green-arrow1

Raven’s developed a few more injuries, but her game hasn’t changed one bit. She’s still annoying, still seen as a weak competitor, and still has no shot to win. If anybody wants to take a shot at Maven, Matt will be the target. If he wins veto, there’s a chance Raven could go, but Paul doesn’t want Raven out.

It’s hard to see anybody taking Raven out and wasting their HoH when the house is full of big targets. The only scenario it may happen is if she’s nominated against Paul. Paul would have the votes and can play on the “she’ll be taking up a final two spot” argument. Raven has zero control over her own game. She isn’t even trying to play. I mean, most of these people aren’t. But Raven’s really really not trying.


8. Kevin

Kevin has this amazing ability to say all the right things to make people uncomfortable. He says things like “I know Derrick from back home”, “I want to form an alliance with Cody and Jason”, and something I know personally, “You look like my nephew.” Because of this, people can’t really trust him. Also, Paul has been setting up his eviction for a couple weeks now. His biggest ally is Jason whose only allegiance seems to be Alex. We need a Kevin HoH now because he’s the biggest wild card out there.

The reason I have Kevin so low is that he has no influence on the house, is sketchy, and there have been seeds of doubt already planted about him.


9. Mark  green-arrow1

Competition streaks have gone on much longer than Mark’s did, and unfortunately, that’s all that could’ve saved Mark’s game this week. As the biggest outcast remaining in the house, Mark’s only hope to make it through any more weeks in the house was by winning his way there. There’s nothing Mark can do here. I’m thrilled to see him trying, but his pitches are all falling on deaf ears. The “use me” argument works for outsiders from time to time, but not when the outsider is seen as such a strong competitor like Mark is, and not when a player as dominant as Paul is running the show.


9. Mark

I’ve liked Mark for a while now, probably because he’s one of the only people who has questioned Paul in the last few weeks. However, weeks before this he’s just stayed back and hung out with Elena and didn’t form bonds to keep himself in the game. I like that he went for the apple but would’ve liked to see him save someone who was about to be nominated to shake up what Christmas wanted to do instead of saving Paul. Mark is a dead man walking.


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