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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 13

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with his own guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by not one, but THREE guests, as the LFC (Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni, and Brent Wolgamott) join him for the final week of Big Brother 19.


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 19 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the episode on Wednesday night (or Thursday night, if you want to play it extra safe).
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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 13

A very very long season is coming to a close after three months of temptations, showmances, and enough tears to battle an army of Big Meeches. We’ve arrived at our final 3; the alliance of Paul, Christmas, and Josh successfully followed through on their final 3 plans and eliminated 14 other houseguests on the road to finale night.

Each of the final three has made it here in their own way: Paul through social and strategic domination, Christmas through intense loyalty to some strong allies, and Josh by being underestimated right until the very end. The game is still very much up in the air and, just like every season, will come down to the final part of the final HoH competition. Any of these three could conceivably win the game. While some may have stronger cases on paper, juries are extremely unpredictable and this one is no different.

So, will Paul continue his dominating game all the way through this final HoH and a jury vote? Will he end up in second place for the second consecutive year as Josh takes home the $500K? Or will he get cut at the very end, joining the likes of Vanessa Rousso and Neda Kalentar in the “so damn close” club? We’ll find out on Wednesday night as the winner is crowned, tears continue to flow, and Raven picks up her America’s Favorite Player check from Julie to close out the thrill ride that was Big Brother 19.

I want to quickly thank a few people as I wrap up my first season of power rankings: Christine Larivière for her hard work, assistance, and patience with me in editing and posting these rankings all season long. Thanks to the boss man, Rob, for giving the green light on this blog. Thanks to Taran for inviting me onto the morning updates throughout the season and allowing me to ramble vocally rather than breaking my keyboard from over-ranting. And thanks to all of the amazing guests who have joined me all season long: Liana Boraas, Adam Buongiovanni, Mike Blooooom, Ian Terry, Haley Strong, Colin Stone, Will Wahl, Alex Willett, BB19’s own Cameron Heard, Ali Lasher, Lita Brillman, Karen Singbeil, and the LFC.

I’ve had a lot of fun breaking things down each week with all of the different guests who have joined me and I’m very excited to keep the ball rolling into the new season of Survivor! Keep an eye out for that, coming very soon.

With three guests and a lot to talk about, I’ll skip the look back at Kevin and Alex. There’s not a whole lot more to say about Alex that I haven’t already covered, and while Kevin’s game left a lot to be desired, he captured the hearts of viewers everywhere and made out with $25K… so his life is fine. So without further rambling, follow all of us on Twitter (@ArmstrongTaran, @itsmelissaaa, @OneLuckyGay, @mattliguori), tweet us what you think, and leave a comment down below!



1. Paul   minus Same

Well, we’ve finally arrived. We’re here. This is it! Things could go either way for Paul. As viewers, we know what an impressively dominating game Paul has played since he stepped into the house, crushing Cameron’s dreams. The jury seems to know as well, but Paul’s had a hand in evicting every single one of them. While the jury may respect Paul’s game and what he’s done, he’s been somewhat dishonest while sending them home. Besides Cody, each jury member was aligned with Paul for the majority of their stay in the house, meaning Paul had to burn them in order to send them home. The bonds he formed were strong, which always made breaking them a big deal. He put a lot of effort into making the relationships feel real and true, and if those are all able to hold up despite his betrayals, he may get the votes and redeem himself for last year. If not, I’m sure we’ll see him again in the final 2 of BB20 to see if the third time’s the charm.


2. Josh   minus Same

“Josh will surprise us all with an impressive social game that will carry him much farther than most would expect.” – Matt Liguori, BB19 pre-season. Nailed it! The pre-season was filled with comparisons of Josh to BB16‘s Devin Shepherd. Early on, it seemed like that might’ve been the case. As the season progressed, I pat myself on the back each week for having the confidence in Josh that I did early on.

It’s tough to see a majority of the jury voting for Josh. He’s had an issue all season long with being taken seriously. He was underestimated because of the little respect most had for him as a player. (Banging pots and pans for two weeks straight didn’t help his case.) His game has picked up recently, but the early jury members haven’t seen that; they might still see him as the loudmouth who made their lives miserable. What helps Josh is that he’s somehow still so lovable. (Right, Mark?) He may not sweep the vote, but despite the insanity he displayed in the house, we haven’t seen any of the jury members dismissing his chances.

If Josh wins HoH and decides to take Christmas, he may be in for an uphill battle. I’m not sure the jury has great feelings towards Christmas, but if you break down the votes, it doesn’t look like they’ll fall in Josh’s favor. Josh needs to hope and pray for an anti-Paul jury. If Paul has left a sour taste in their mouths, one strong plea from Josh could seal the deal… if it’s not sealed already.

Christmas3. Christmas  green-arrow1

Much like the rest of the season, I have no idea what to do with Christmas. Last week, I essentially declared her game as over. Pre-season, I ranked Christmas last overall. Nobody could’ve predicted a broken leg! I really think without the injury, Christmas finishes nowhere near the final 3. Alas, here I am this week considering the shot she has to win, and I suppose there’s sooomething there. Her main obstacle is getting one of her boys to bring her to the end. You know, if she wants to? Paul is bringing Josh to the final 2 and as of late, Josh sounds like he’ll bring Paul. If Josh does decide to bring Christmas, he may be handing her the perfect check to get started on all those medical bills.

I’ve covered how poorly I found her game to be all season long with the confrontation and the scolding, but it’s possible that all of it will be overlooked. She’s up against two controversial players: Paul with his intense gameplay and Josh with his blowups and meltdowns. Given the available options, Christmas may be the sane player the jury feels best about giving the win to.



1. Paul

Paul — Ohhhh! (in DR Paul yelling voice). I gotta hand it to you. You really played a great game. Even if you somehow end up getting clipped in the end, I can’t take the entire preceding game away from you. Great competitor, cunning strategist, effective manipulator — typically a deadly combo of my three favorite elements of a BB player. But, unfortunately, you let the negativity eat away at the positive aspects of your game and I just really can’t get behind the viciousness in your style of gameplay. However, I’m willing to recognize a great player when I see one and I gotta give the top spot to you. You’ve set yourself up in a pretty good way: Everyone in the jury house recognizes the puppeteering game you’ve played and you’re going to the end with two people you can almost guarantee to beat in the final HoH (although who knows what the “Scales of Just Us” will bring). However, you’ve got a big blindspot in our own lovable Baby Huey over here (I’m sorry, the Baby Huey reference was mean…but kind of apt, no?) who could be your ultimate undoing – and I am so here for that! Ultimately, as a fan of the game, I think you deserve to win.


2. Josh

Josh, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with you. I know you’ve got a good heart (though easily corruptible) and I think by the end you were showing us amazing glimpses into what could’ve been an amazing game. (Editor: If Josh wins the game please delete “what could’ve been” from the previous sentence. Just, you know, to make me look better.) You really had a love for the game and it showed. Honestly, watching you week one, I never would’ve believed you’d make it this far. But, you did and not only that, you actually have a great shot at winning the entire game! You’ve really been coming into your own these past few weeks, but I really wish you had taken the shot at Paul sooner. I get that you’re torn, but come on, do it already! …although, I guess I should just be grateful we no longer have to hear BA BAH BAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH. If you make it to the final two with Paul, I think Paul takes the crown, but if you make it to the final two with Christmas…dear god, please win, Josh!!


3. Christmas

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. For some reason, my brain so desperately wants to like you (against all my better judgment). I still can’t quite figure out why. But, in terms of your Big Brother skills, what are you doing?? You’re all about working as a team, getting to the end as a team, helping out your team. Well, Christmas, I have some news for you: Big Brother isn’t a team sport! I seriously cannot believe I even have to say that… I was really excited when you came into the house because I had such high hopes that maybe we would finally get another strong, independent female competitor after this serious dearth, but unfortunately, nah, that didn’t happen. If you win the game, it’ll be because you give an AMAZING speech at the final two. Otherwise, I’m not seeing it.brent-bar3

Josh1. Josh

Yes, believe it or not, I have Josh in the #1 spot. And this isn’t a flippant positioning. While Paul has continued to lie in his goodbye messages, Josh continues to tell the truth. Grodner even told us Alex DID get to hear her goodbye messages. That’s something we didn’t know before. Finally: my continued belief that Josh is a dangerous final 2 opponent. I talked about this on the podcast: Everyone in the house thinks that Josh is an easy win. But in jury, I feel they will have softened toward him. Josh has a HUGE HEART, and we all know he’s a human bean (lol). I think with the right mix of bitterness and a back-pedaling Paul, Josh can win!

That, and that is reporting the jury is really bitter, with only Raven and Matt planning on voting for Paul? That’s enough for me to put Josh at #1.


2. Paul

I actually would have Paul last, but it is my belief at this time that Josh will take him to the end. But beyond that, I just don’t understand Paul’s strategy of continuing to play the game when people are going to jury. I’ve never seen it in my life! And I feel like his lying in his goodbye messages will result in the jury feeling stupid, a dangerous place for them to be when casting votes. He had the opportunity to be honest and genuine in the last moments that jurors would see of him before going to the jury house. Instead, he sounded like a politician, just telling you what he thinks you want to hear. Well, Paul: People generally will prefer a hurtful truth over a transparent feel-good lie. Jurors are big boys and girls. He needed to treat them as such… and he didn’t.

Paul seems to be intent on repeating history, right down to wearing the same shirt he wore LAST finale night, and a likely 5-4 vote, with him on the losing end.


3. Christmas

It’s been a long time since I have seen someone so disinterested in their own ultimate finish. But Taran Armstrong called it a long time: Christmas Joy doesn’t seem to care if she places #1, 2, or 3. It’s actually mind boggling. Even having lost the first 2 parts of final HoH, I still can’t see her throwing Josh or Paul under the bus to one another.

It’s too bad really, because I think there are viable arguments for her to use in order to get either one of them and take her to the final 2. But Christmas doesn’t care about that. She cares about her team. And her team is going to tell her to shove off in third place with NO MONEY and not look back. And no, Josh: Christmas Joy will not be winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. But you’ll never guess who’s gonna!

Anyway, if Christmas doesn’t care enough to pull herself up to the final 2 spots, why should I? Gurlbye.



1. Paul

He’s been the frontrunner all season long, definitely not without his fair share of faults, which could easily cost him the win, but you should always put money on the best player winning the jury vote. Based only on what we’ve seen on the feeds and in the jury segments so far, Paul should have at least 5 votes sewn up and is close to a lock for final 2. All that said, if there’s ever a year where I thought I could be in for a surprise jury vote, it’s this one.


2. Josh

Josh is, by default, the second most likely to win. He will be in the final 2 no matter what and isn’t drawing dead in any scenario. His jury management has been almost as bad as Paul’s, his strategic game has been a mess, and he made it this far because the house has always seen him as a joke. Yet, he stands to benefit more than anyone else from Paul’s mistakes, and sometimes in Big Brother, that’s enough.

Christmas3. Christmas

Usually, there’s one person in the final 3 that can’t win. I don’t believe that’s the case with Christmas. As a player that has proven herself to be an adequate strategist and a very solid one-on-one social player, her main flaw is her lack of ambition. Not long after breaking her foot, I think she lost the drive to win the game, and instead, starting playing for her “team”. She’s also been one of the most verbally aggressive players, but ultimately that wouldn’t have mattered sitting next to Josh (or potentially even Paul). With minimal effort, she’d be going into part three of the final HoH with what could be a 50% chance of winning the game. Instead, she’ll likely be sent home in third place, while her archrivals, Kevin and Cody, both take home the $25K she expects to receive; a broken foot and a broken heart will be all she has to show from her experience on Big Brother 19.

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