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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 11

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with his own guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by another member of the RealityTV RHAPups family, Lita Brillman! Check out all of Lita’s coverage of American Ninja Warrior and So You Think You Can Dance  over on Reality TV RHAPups!


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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 11

Time is ticking away as this season begins to wind down. We’re about to go from seven houseguests to five in Thursday’s double eviction. If you thought the house was empty now, wait until there are only five left. Business is about to pick up and competitions will mean everything. Will anybody stop Paul, Josh, and Christmas from marching their way to the final 3? Will anybody even try to stop them? Should I stop asking you guys questions that we already know the answers to?

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MattMatt – I spent the first half of the season defending Matt’s game. I said this guy knows what he’s doing… laying low because he had no reason to jump head first into the action when he was comfortably out of the line of fire. (Matt confirmed this was his strategy since he’s come out of the house.) I defended him not using the veto on himself, a move that also worked out the way he and his allies wanted it to. Things were going so well on the pro-Matt campaign (as alone as I was…) until his final week when Matt decided to break have-not rules every day of the week. He was more than willing to lie down and die for Raven to stay in the game. Not only did he give up his game, he left Raven in the house with terrible advice to bring Paul to the end. It was a spectacularly terrible, disappointing finish.







1. Paul   minus Same

This was actually a pretty interesting week for our top dog. Paul’s motives have finally been questioned (for longer than a minute) by another houseguest. Josh is onto Paul’s game in a way that we haven’t really seen anybody else recognize. Given normal circumstances, the most powerful player in the house would be in major trouble heading into a double eviction at final 6. But as we’ve seen, this season is anything but normal.

We don’t have a whole lot of time left in this season, or houseguests for that matter. After this week, only five will remain. Paul has done such an amazing job at keeping all of his competitors focused on one another that there’s really no scenario where he gets cut before final 3. Getting Jason out this week is perfect for him. Now if he can manage to bring Raven, Christmas, and Alex to the final 4, he’s got the win locked up. Whether or not he knows that and plans to cut Josh, we’ll see.


 1. Paul

As long as Paul can withstand the greatest threat to his game so far: Mother Nature without getting distracted, I see little that can stop him. The threat of a Josh HoH could lead to a rockier week than he’s had to face with Josh’s temper and frustration, but Josh himself has said that nothing could get him to actually turn on his fearless leader, and Paul has demonstrated an ability to quell larger dangers before. As much as my distaste for Paul, which started way back at the beginning of BB18, has grown tenfold over the course of the season, there’s simply no way around granting him the top spot this week.

Paul’s biggest danger will be the turning of the tides in the jury house, which seems to be increasingly poisoned against him as more people compare notes from the game. Still, due to the competition remaining in the house and every most likely final 2 scenario, it’s hard to imagine whom the jury would turn to.


2. Josh   minus Same

Josh is woke. But Josh is also scared. The possibility that somebody may actually go against Paul during the middle portion of the week was so exciting. Too bad that ended very quickly, as Josh spoke to the cameras and let us know that although he doesn’t love Paul’s plan for this week, he’ll stick to it and has no plans of cutting Paul (or Christmas).

Josh remains as the second biggest threat to win the game. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Paul or Josh isn’t in the final 2. If Paul isn’t there, it’ll be because Josh cut him. If Josh is there, it won’t be with Paul. Josh needs to be careful in these final weeks. Don’t let Paul know that you’re onto him, but if you get the chance… CUT HIM. There’s no time left, it’s now or never.


 2. Josh

Josh is a high-risk, high-reward second seed. He is currently the person in the house that has the highest chance both of making it to the final 2 and scoring any jury votes. While he has certainly been an annoyance, he has at least made an effort to play and own his own game, which may play well to the jury should they be looking for an excuse to go against Paul. While his ticket to the final 2 may be in jeopardy should Paul become any more suspicious of his frustrations with his alliance, the Paul/Christmas/Josh final 3 still seems stable enough to ensure Josh some more time in the house.

He seems to be the only one who may make moves to take out Paul, and a Josh HoH could seriously shift the game and put him in the best position moving forward both for longevity and jury votes. Though the shot at Paul seems unlikely, it’s the best hope for a non-Paul winner at the moment. The biggest risk is that Paul’s instincts about Josh’s “tripping” could lead him to strike against Josh simply out of fear of a revolt.


3. Christmas   minus Same

It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about Christmas being onto Paul and potentially shaking things up. What happened, a long lecture from the diary room? “Christmas, remember what we talked about!! You can stay this season as long as you get Paul to the end!” (*fan fiction sound drop*) Christmas has shut Josh down anytime something negative about Paul comes out of his mouth. Josh has been desperately trying to convince her that Paul is only looking out for himself (which is true) and that they shouldn’t let him make a move that only benefits him rather than all three of them. Christmas wants no part in those discussions.

While we may have thought she’d be dragged to the end because of her injury, she’s somehow managed to win two HoHs. She still may get to the end, taken by somebody looking for an easy win. Regardless, she will have a hand in how the game progresses over these last few weeks.


 3. Kevin

I will level with you, dear readers: The road to a Kevin appearance in the final 2 is a tough one. However, he gets the third spot simply because unlike the bottom three places, it is still possible for him to win, given that he could receive jury votes in the end. With Jalex most likely being broken up this week, those who have their crosshairs most squarely set on him will lose power, and he may be able to sneak by until the final 4. Unfortunately, Kevin will need a clutch HoH win at some point to keep him safe, as few will be interested in taking him to the final 2. We have little evidence that Kevin can pull it off, but hey, according to him, he could have won that sprinting thing, so you never know. Maybe the HoH he most needs will be a button-pushing contest.


4. Kevin   green-arrow1

Any week Kevin gets through is a good week for Kevin, regardless of what happens in the game around him. Kevin’s spending the second half of this week on the block, but has nothing to worry about with a block buddy like Jason. Over the past couple of weeks, Paul and friends have realized there’s no need to get rid of Kevin just yet because he doesn’t pose a threat in competitions and doesn’t control anybody’s vote left in the house. His hands are tied and he’s nothing but a sitting duck waiting to be taken out.

It’s possible Kevin could still leave during the double, but it doesn’t seem likely. If Kevin can continue slipping by each week, he may have a chance to somehow end up in the final 3 and have a shot. Like I’ve previously said, the jury votes exist, he just needs to get there.


 4. Christmas

Sure, she’s probably going to get very, very deep in this game, but I have a hard time working out a scenario where she wins. Between her irrational angry outbursts and completely blind loyalty to Paul, not to mention that her greatest strategic achievement in the game was accidentally breaking her foot, it’s hard to envision her as a viable alternative to Paul. That said, she is in a great position moving forward and is not anyone’s major target. Barring a house flip sending her home as a pawn, Christmas is safe at least for another week.


5. Raven  green-arrow2

There’s two weeks left in this season and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find something to say about Raven for each of those two weeks she’ll inevitably be there. Should I just copy and paste lines from other players’ blurbs in the same way Raven copies what her fellow houseguests say/do?

It’s pretty hard to see Raven not getting a final 3 spot, but we can’t underestimate how strong the Paul/Christmas/Josh trio is. Paul has turned Raven into the next target, as he does so well each week. The confusing part about that…. Raven wants to bring Paul to the end more than anyone else. Paul may be legitimately concerned that the jury would vote for her based off “need” but there’s still zero chance Raven wins a jury vote. While Alex and Christmas may both bring Paul as well, Raven has mentioned her plans to bring Paul on numerous occasions, including to Matt before he left. Raven hasn’t done one intelligent thing this season though, so why expect her to start now?


5. Alex

THIS. FREAKING. GIRL. This girl, who showed promise as one of my early faves due to her ostensible proclivity for independent thought and range of talents in the competition, has managed to disappoint me on every possible conceivable level of this game and this television show. She is simultaneously joined at the hip with the intolerable Jason, while still remaining completely loyal to Paul, which prohibits her from ever actually making any moves. She’s playing a long con that will never happen, in which she’s fine with losing so long as they invite her back so she can win then, which, God willing, will never occur here in our present universe.

Alex has squandered all natural talent for the game by being mean for the sake of it, delusional about how others, including America, perceive her, and almost comically blind to the actual machinations of the game going on around her. She is public enemy number one for next week, and will undoubtedly throw the HoH that she will go out on. Even if she somehow manages to weasel her way anywhere near the end, she will be taken as a goat and will leave the house with very little to show for it except for an increased hatred for hot dogs and camping and about a dozen grudges toward other people in the house about nothing.


6. Alex   red-arrow2

Alex continues her battle for the title of “Dumbest Big Brother player of all time” with another impressive showing. The main reason for her safety this week is that Alex is loyal to Paul and Jason is not. While Paul may have gifted Alex a comfortable week, he still has his mind set on taking her out soon. She terrifies him when it comes to competitions, because she’s won or come close so many times. But why does it matter if her loyalty is completely with you??

Alex seems like the main target for this double eviction, so don’t be surprised if she follows Jason right out the door on Thursday night. If she wins HoH, she would probably follow Paul’s plan as blindly as she’s followed him all season, nominating Raven and Kevin, and leaving an obvious trio still in tact.

You can’t make this stuff up. This season is really happening, people.


 6. Raven

I mean, come on. If the girl’s telling the truth about even a fraction of what she’s been going around talking about, she will disintegrate into dust before she’s able to be evicted. If she’s lying, then everyone already knows she is and will in no way vote for her. The only thing she has going for her is that Matt is in the jury house presumably advocating for her while the others become more aware to the kind of game that Paul was playing, but that final 2 scenario seems unlikely due to Paul’s relationship with Christmas and Josh, and Matt has all the cohesive oratorical abilities of the Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs bird. Raven will leave the game as she entered it: With absolutely nothing to contribute.


7. Jason   red-arrow1

The rodeo is just about over for ol’ Whistle-Nut. It’s exactly what he did last week to Matt and Raven repeating itself. Looking back, perhaps the smarter move would’ve been to let Kevin go up and go home rather than kicking out one-half of a duo, and pushing himself and Alex to the top of the strong-duos threat list. There’s nothing Jason can do here to save himself. He has no argument against Kevin, given all of his proven competition ability. He isn’t even campaigning to stay, since our resident mastermind Paul has convinced him he has nothing to worry about. At least the guy has a baby on the way. That’s something to look forward to.


 7. Jason

Good riddance to nasty garbage. In addition to his despicable, disgusting, unforgivable comments surrounding sexual assault, Jason painted himself into a corner strategically by linking up with a no-mance partner that has equal loyalties to the puppet master, making him part of a threatening duo without the alliance to back them up. His status as a comp beast could only take him so far before it became threatening, and alas his run will foreseeably come to an end this Thursday. Au revoir, Whistle-Nut, it is my greatest dream that you will make like your hairline and your dignity and disappear from my life forever.


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