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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 10

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with his own guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by RHAP’s leading lady of The Challenge coverage, Ali Lasher! Check out all of Ali’s coverage of MTV’s The Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty over on Reality TV RHAPups!


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RHAP Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 10

We’ve spent the last few weeks watching as Paul’s alliance takes out the outsiders one-by-one. Jessica, Cody, Elena, and Mark… all gone in three consecutive weeks. While those were some tough weeks to get through if you wanted exciting feeds/interesting gameplay, the bright side is that now we have an alliance of eight people forced to turn on their own. Even with Kevin outcast as a clear target, we’ve seen the first shots fired against one of the group’s three duos, with Maven up for eviction at the hands of HoH Jason.

With only three weeks remaining, it’s hard to see things slowing back down, so keep your fingers crossed for an exciting finish. Whether that finish is Paul’s march to the finish line or an underdog pulling the rug out from underneath him, we’ll have to see.

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MarkDown goes another winner pick! Pre-season, I saw Mark as the guy with the most winner potential out of the 16 newbies. Mark was screwed once Paul turned his minions against Marlena. With his back up against the wall, Mark did fight harder than all of his allies who left before him. The force of the Friendsheep was just too strong to break through, especially after Mark put together such an impressive streak of comp wins. I’d enjoy seeing Mark get a second chance, but I doubt he will. His exit was extremely classy and it was nice to see him in positive spirits after everything Josh and the others put him through.halfbar






1. Paul   minus Same

For those keeping track at home, this is Paul’s sixth week at the top of my list. With three weeks left, it shouldn’t surprise anybody if he maintains his spot there until the end. Setting up the duos war went as perfect as Paul could’ve asked for. Jason is a target. Alex is a target. Kevin’s been a target. The leftover Maven is a target. And Paul is somehow still not a target. The tension in the house may be ugly, but it’s exactly what Paul needs for his game to continue succeeding. Without everybody mad at one another, they could easily all come together and unite against the top dog.

While Josh and Christmas may both be aware of the danger Paul presents, there’s no scenario where they target him with their HoH before Jason, Alex, and Kevin are all out of the house. He’s set up perfectly with everybody and will continue to ensure whoever comes into power feels comfortable with their shared agenda, just as he has the past few weeks. Another eviction or two down the line, and we’ll be at the point where every player competes in every competition… also known as the time where Paul can stop throwing competitions and win his way to the finish line if he needs to.


1. Paul

Unlike the houseguests this season, I like to make a splash. Unfortunately, there’s no other choice for the number one spot that passes the laugh test. On a scale from one to hot take, this is a sad fizzling firecracker that failed to go off. But the fact remains, Paul is the only true player left in the game. There were several times this season where I found myself scared of the level of control Paul has been able to exert over the other players. What is often lost in this season is reverence for Paul’s level of play.

While he had a cushy start, Paul has impressed me over the last two weeks. Going into the most recent HoH, every single power couple was rooting for their number two and Paul. To reach this level of trust with one group in the house is difficult in a normal Big Brother season. To be able to do so with every single person in the house as a veteran is pretty remarkable. It looks like we are on a one-way express train to a Paul victory. Watch out, Becky.


2. Josh   minus Same

The pots and pans lunatic who blows up on other houseguests at least once a week is the guy currently with the second best shot to win. It’s mind blowing how things work with this guy. Mark left the house raving about how great of a guy Josh is after Josh made it his mission to ruin Mark’s life, torturing him when he was at his lowest points. I suppose they’re all used to it by now; they blow it off because “well, that’s just Josh!”

Just like Paul, everybody thinks they’re working with Josh. The one scenario that could potentially hurt him is a Kevin HoH win, but at this point with Alex and (likely) Raven left in the house, Josh should have nothing to worry about. He’s capable of winning comps down the stretch and is the only one who has consistently expressed concern over Paul still being in the game.


2. Alex

Alex is the one player left in the game who consistently frustrates me. She had so much potential and is squandering it by having such deep trust in Paul. I think she has also let her sense of security in Paul lead her to make sloppy mistakes in the game. In addition to her hinky vote flub last week, her jovial showdown with Jason in this week’s HoH competition could have been a game-ending mistake in any other season. Alex should have had the game sense to know that this was one of the worst HoH’s to win. Being able to have Jason at the helm and take the shot at Raven allows her to play next week, and more importantly, keep the blood off her hands. Alex redeemed herself slightly by denying that she knew about Jason’s plan to turn on Matt and Raven. I am shocked that Jason was okay with this plan, but it is just another example of Alex getting lucky that she is a marginally better player than most of her peers on the show.

In any other season, Alex would have to work a lot harder and a lot smarter to get where she is. But on BB19, she lands near the top of my power rankings.


3. Christmas   minus Same

Another week of Christmas not being able to keep her mouth closed during arguments that have nothing to do with her. We’re really running out of people who can win a jury vote. But if not Paul… somebody has to win, right? Christmas has earned very little respect from the current jury members. She hasn’t put any effort into jury management, but just like most of the others, she isn’t worried about it. She’s worried about getting to the end. Christmas has no idea the backlash she’ll get in one of those final two seats.

And yet, she’s ranked #3. She’s in a good spot, still. Planted in the middle of the house, along with Josh and Paul, she should be fine. It would really shock me if she doesn’t make it to the final 4… even though her scooter is scheduled to be evicted next week.


3. Josh

After all of the meatballs rolled off the table, onto the floor and out the Big Brother door, Josh’s stock definitely rose in my eyes. Josh taking a back seat and letting Kevin and Matt sink their own ships during the HOH comp really impressed me this week. I guess when you set such a low bar all season, it becomes easy to impress me. I also thought Josh’s move to point the target at Kevin (whether or not it was strategic or out of genuine annoyance) when Josh and Christmas could have been in the crosshairs was a smart thing to pick up on and lob to Alex. It also helps that Josh, a challenge non-threat, attached himself to Christmas. To me, they seem like the obvious pair of goats to herd to the end. Josh 2.0 is finally pan-less and just may be ready to play. Da da dada dada da da da da….


4. Alex   green-arrow1

Alex may be the dumbest houseguest we’ve ever seen play Big Brother. There are a lot of other contenders, but Alex is making a run for the title. Every single thing that comes out of her mouth is a terrible read on whatever she’s commenting on. She majorly damaged her relationship with her #1 ally this week. Her attempts at pushing her agenda consist of her aggressively insisting her way is the right way and you’re an idiot for thinking otherwise (which as you can imagine, turns Jason off). She’s playing an abysmal social game but may continue to get by with her competition abilities. Considering almost everybody in this final 8 sucks, I can’t say her winning chances are completely dead yet, but we’re getting there.


4. Jason

Personally, I find myself rooting for this lovable rodeo clown and dad-to-be. Strategically, I can’t justify putting him much higher than number four on this list. While I was inclined to think that his partnership with Alex was holding him back, this week I think it’s the only thing keeping him afloat. While I think his trustworthiness has served him well, his obvious challenge prowess makes him a huge threat to Paul. Jason will go before Alex, and I imagine Paul will want to make that happen sooner rather than later. Having to sit out of HOH next week leaves him vulnerable and I don’t like his chances of sticking around.


5. Kevin   green-arrow1

The target on Kevin’s back couldn’t be any bigger. Whether it’s next week or the week after, he will eventually be on the block and sent packing. His closest ally in the house was considering using him as a re-nom this week, only briefly, but a lot longer than you want your closest ally to spend considering a move like that.

Luckily for Kevin, Jason and Alex have become huge targets, Raven’s been blowing up, and Paul is still in the house. There are ways out of this current situation, but nobody is going to sweep in and save him. He has to figure it out on his own.

Kevin would have plenty of jury votes if he made it to the end. He’s one of the few people left whom the jury wouldn’t be miserable awarding the money to. But, since nobody is bringing him there, it’s probably not even worth discussing.


5. Christmas

I have never been a fan of Christmas in July, and this summer, it’s no different. I still can’t decide if Christmas is a savvy player or completely lacks social awareness. I was impressed when she coached Josh through his HOH and indicated that he should stand up to Paul and play his own game. I am repeatedly unimpressed when she refuses to take her own advice both in evicting Mark and using the Ring of Replacement when she had absolutely no personal reason to do so. Ultimately, it comes down to Christmas being a complete non-entity in my eyes. I think anyone would be foolish to cut her before the final three, but that does not a powerful player make.


6. Jason   green-arrow1

With another two competition wins under his cowboy belt, Jason has become enemy #1 for a majority of the remaining houseguests. Just like Mark in his last few weeks, the only way for Jason to save himself going forward is by winning comps.

I noticed this week is that Jason is not a very gifted speaker. The fight post-veto ceremony was pretty one-sided. Matt and Raven yelled at Jason while Jason could barely defend himself because he didn’t know what to say. If Jason makes the final 2, he may get ripped apart. He doesn’t have the ability to think on his feet and speak intelligently enough to sound like he knows what he’s talking about. Given the short window they’re given to answer questions on finale night, that could really hurt him.


6. Kevin

I had high hopes for Kevin early on. Much like Paul on his first season, I thought he had strong instincts for someone who had never seen an episode of Big Brother. For such a suave gentleman, Kevin lacks the finesse needed to be a great player in the game. If Alex or Josh win veto next week I would be shocked if Kevin doesn’t end up on the block. I hate to say this, but if Kevin had laid even lower the entire game and just focused on his social relationships, he may have gone farther. In a season like this one, the majority is looking for one reason to justify turning on you without looking disloyal. By trying to build a relationship with Cody and following Paul’s directions to cast hinky votes, Kevin is likely to be the next one evicted by the familia.


7. Raven    green-arrow1

The #RavenExposedParty CBS threw on Sunday night was everything, especially since they managed to do it without getting into the illnesses, stubbed toes, rough kneecaps, etc. In terms of game, nothing’s changed here (yet again). Either she or Matt will be evicted on Thursday. Raven’s shown some fire, some capability in competitions, and a desire to be there, which is more than can be said about Matt. That’s great (I guess?), but it’s the reason I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a last minute flip where Josh, Paul, Christmas, and Alex come together and decide to keep Matt instead.

Regardless, just like the past few weeks, I maintain that Raven has zero shot to win. If it weren’t for her showmance setting up dynamite on his own game this week, I’d have easily put Raven last.


7. Raven

If we were doing rankings based on the likelihood of being shut out in the final two, Raven would zoom to the top of my list. Despite weeks of rumors about Raven’s less than truthful nature, I never imagined it would make the cut for Big Brother proper. I was pleasantly surprised to see a package this week covering Raven’s delusions of grandeur that we’ve been seeing on the feeds. I guess with a GPA of dance, how could you not make it into Mensa? If the show itself is showcasing these scenes, it must be REALLY bad. Despite Matt and others wanting to throw the game to help her cause early on, it seems like the majority of the jury will easily vote against her if she makes it to the end.

With her (semi-understandable) blow up after the veto wasn’t used, it’s clear she has no social game sense and no strategic play in her with or without Matt in the house. Although the house has taken shots at the easy target week after week, I expect Raven to stay in the game next week in hopes that the remaining power couples take a shot at each other. I hesitate to say that I am hopeful for a good eviction next week (knock on wood).


8. Matt   red-arrow4

Jillian’s revenge is about to be completed, as the three votes against her on night one are leaving the house back-to-back-to-back!

I’m disappointed in myself for ever giving Matt any kind of credit. I really felt like he had his head in the game and wasn’t showing his cards. Alas, Matt’s ready to follow through with his plans to give up his game for Raven. He’s completely checked out. Breaking the have-not rules intentionally because he doesn’t care about getting a penalty vote? So lame. I hope Julie gives him hell if/when he walks out on Thursday.

It was fun to see him wake up and show some life after the veto ceremony, but it’s all too little too late. Can’t expect the HoH to save you and your showmance when you don’t even want to go up to his room and have a conversation with him. But I guess we can’t expect Matt to make smart plays when he doesn’t even want to be there.


8. Matt

It seems like Matt will be bowled over this week. When Jason flaked on using the veto, it really threw Matt and Raven for a fruitloop. At this point, there’s nothing Matt could do to milk sympathy votes because he would never campaign against Raven. At the end of the day, Matt was just a dud who blew any chance of playing the game to be Raven’s big spoon, and unfortunately for Matt, Raven didn’t turn out to be his lucky charm. If Matt had been less focused on cereal, and more focused on Big Brother, maybe he would have had a shot. Regardless, it seems like we will say, “Cheerio” to Matt come Thursday.

Ali’s Honorable Mention

julieJulie Chen

The most powerful woman on this and every season has to be the one and only Julie Chen. I’m breaking the rules here but coming out every week attempting to build suspense out of nothing puts you on my list every single time.


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