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Friggin 5: Fairplay Talks Redneck Island, Glass House Drama & Boston Rob’s New Baby

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole return for another edition of The Friggin 5… The 5 things that the listeners of Rob Has a Podcast are most interested in hearing about every week. In the opening, Rob announces that the voting will begin for the Top 14 Big Brother players of all-time Fan Vote on Rob Has a Website. Plus, early bird subscriptions to the Real Player Superpass Big Brother live feeds will also be available on Monday for a price of $29.99

Here’s the rundown for this weeks show:

Friggin 1) Redneck Island with Jonny Fairplay – 08:00

Jonny Fairplay makes his triumphant return to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss the new CMT show “Redneck Island” Hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. The show is very similar to Survivor in terms of rules but everybody on the show is from the South. Jonny Fairplay feels like Redneck Island did a great job of developing all of the characters. Rob felt like Redneck Island’s Adam is ripping a page out of Colton Cumbie’s playbook. Rob and Fairplay review the first weeks show and discuss why the game may indeed be “Flawwwwwwed”.

Friggin 2) Glass House on ABC Drama – 34:20

While Rob is very excited to do the first ever post show podcast in the history of Glass House on Monday night with Matt Hoffman, the show may not ever make it to air. CBS has filed an injunction and is hoping a judge will tell ABC cannot air Glass House because the creators have stolen intellectual property from Big Brother (due to the number of former Big Brother staffers working on the show).

Meanwhile, the Glass House live feeds have been airing daily on ABC.com. Rob likes that the live hour has been structured thought it is hard to follow too many of the characters without ever seeing them introduced on the TV show.

Friggin 3) Reality Show News – 43:25

Happy news for Boston Rob Mariano and Amber as they welcome baby #3 into the world. Rob and Amber now have a third daugher, which they have named Isabetta who was born last month.

Another reality person that is happy is Reality Steve, the blogger who has gained notoriety for spoiling the seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The lawsuit that ABC had filed against him has now been dropped after it was concluded that he never paid money to Bachelor contestants to get spoilers.

Plus, Nicole has updates from the set of Jersey Shore 6 where Deena Nicole has become the latest cast member to be arrested.

Friggin 4) The Worst Stor of the Week – 55:10

A 63-year old Korean woman was eating a nice piece of squid when she felt something stinging her in the mouth. It turns out that the dead squid had ejaculated something which stuck to and impregnated her mouth with parasitic organisms. Sushi anyone?

Friggin 5) Your Questions and Comments – 59:30

Rob and Nicole head over to Facebook to briefly discuss a coterie of topics including Matthew Von Ertfelda appearing on AMC’s “The Pitch”, The NBA Finals, Mad Men’s finale and much more.

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