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Realtiy Gamemasters Ep #1: Location, Location, Location

Reality Gamemasters is finally here!

This is project that has funded by the Rob Has a Podcast community this spring and the first episode has finally been released.  A huge thanks goes out to the community members of this site who supported us with contributions, enthusiasm and manpower.  I hope you all enjoy the first episode.

You can see more about Reality Gamemasters at our fully dedicated site:  RealityGamemasters.com

Big Brother Live Feed Bingo

With Big Brother live feeds pre-orders beginning on Tuesday, June 4th, we’re announcing the return of Big Brother Live Feed Bingo.  This summer we will give away $250 to the first person who crosses off five boxes that correspond to events that take place on the Big Brother live feeds.  For more info on how to play, click here

To sign-up for Big Brother Live feeds with the pre-order sale of 20% off visit:  RobHasAwebsite.com/LiveFeeds


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