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Gillian Larson Previews the 2012 Reality Rally

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Gillian Larson from Survivor Gabon started a huge undertaking last year when she put on the first ever Reality Rally in Temecula, CA last year. Now, she’s getting ready to do it again in 2012. Gillian joins Rob to talk about what’s coming up at this years event and talks about how to get involved in this year’s event, taking place April 13-15, 2012.

Reality Rally is an event modeled after The Amazing Race where teams are driven by Reality Rally Transport only, throughout the city in a competition involving crazy activities, all for the fun and competition of it, the coveted trophy and most importantly raising funds for the charity of choice.

Bringing together reality stars from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and many other shows, the Reality Rally is one of the best ways to meet your favorite Reality Stars. In addition to the race, there are plenty of events at local wineries, hot air ballooning and autograph signing opportunities.

Gillian explains how to get involved to people who are going to be attending the event or reality stars who would like to come down. Every reality star is responsible for fund raising $400 to attend the event. Rob is committed to helping Randy raise his $400 so Rob can see him the weekend of the Reality Rally.

In addition to Randy, this year the Reality Rally will also welcome Phillip Sheppard (Survivor Redemption Island), Dawn Meehan (Survivor South Pacific) and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13).

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