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Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred on Colton’s Impact and The State of Reality TV

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Andy Dehnart is the founder of and has been following reality television closer than anyone for the last 11 years. Andy joins Rob for a conversation spanning the entire reality tv landscape. Rob asks Andy if he thinks that the One World twist worked in his opinion. We discuss whether or not this will create more intermingling after the merge or if this could be another season of Pagonging.Of course, we begin the discussion talking about Colton Cumbie and all of the drama that he has provided through just four weeks of Survivor: One World. Rob asks Andy if Colton has already become the most hated Survivor of all-time or if it just seems worse because of the proliferation of social media in our lives. Rob compares a villain like Colton to that of a villain like Jerri Manthey or Richard Hatch. Since Andy wrote a lengthy piece for Playboy Magazine where he interviewed Coach Ben Wade, Rob broke the news that Coach has gotten married now according to a recent facebook status update. Andy discusses his findings from the Playboy article which focused on the effects that reality television has on a person after the show. Rob asks Andy what he is thinking about the Amazing Race this season with the addition on Brendon and Rachel to the show. We discuss the results that the reality show teams have had on the Amazing Race and Andy tries to figure out when the Amazing Race actually jumped the shark. We also discuss the new season of Celebrity Apprentice and try to determine if these celebrities are ever going to deliver the crazy goods. Andy thinks Penn Jillette is the front runner to win Celebrity Apprentice and Lisa Lampanelli is not far behind. Plenty of other reality show news is discussed including, What is the future of American Idol, What happens to Survivor if Jeff Probst leaves and what has Courtney done to make herself notorious on the Bachelor. Plus, Andy describes his harrowing adventure seeing the filming of “Whale Wars” and Rob describes his new favorite reality show “Bikini Barber Shop: Jersey”.

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