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PrimeTime Alex Stein LIVE to Talk Glass House and Attempt to Eat a Big Mac in One Bite

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As recapped by master recapper, Amy H. (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

Primetime Alex Stein 99 joins Rob in his podcast crib for an epic Rob Has a Web Show. Alex wants to hear from all of the fans on twitter (Follow @alexstein99) and wants people to come out to see him perform at the Laugh Factory on July 11. The first 25 people to hit him up on Twitter will get free tickets to the show. Alex also lets all the ladies know that he’s a single man with enough 99 to go around– he encourages all the girls out there who want to get “freaky deaky” on Twitter to send sexy pictures his way.

Next, Rob and Alex dive into their discussion of tonight’s episode of Glass House. Alex doesn’t see the showmance potential of Joy and Gene– He believes Joy is using Gene.
They also talk about the Prop 8 debate between Jeffrey and Andrea, which seemed to create two alliances in the house. Rob and Alex agree that Prop 8 is an important issue, but it doesn’t make for good TV and they prefer their reality shows to be non-politicized. Rob also asks Alex his opinion about Kevin hooking up with Erica in the house. Alex thinks Kevin is a boring tool who has nothing going on back home in Toledo. Alex also takes issue with Erica’s assessment that she’s a 7. He gives her a 5. Rob and Alex wonder if Kevin was trying to win over the overweight housewives at home by going after Erica. Rob is shocked to learn that gray-haired Kevin is only 33 years old. Alex thinks the real chemistry was between Andrea and Kevin and he had planned to call them out on it if he had stayed in the house.

Alex thinks the best strategy to win Glass House is to make America like you. It doesn’t matter if you’re sent to Limbo because you’ll keep coming back since you’ll always be going against one of the least popular people in the house. Alex is rooting for Holly to win the show, and Rob gives Alex some advice for showmancing Holly. Both Rob and Alex were confused by the appearance of Bachelor Pad’s Kiptyn and Tenley, who read the “fanswers” to the cast but didn’t answer everyone’s questions.

Next they talk about how the challenges are boring and confusing, and they wonder how many people are really voting for the challenge options. Rob also gets Alex’s thoughts on Crazy Aunt Robin. Robin stayed up all night cleaning the floor and Alex thinks it was boredom and the pressure of the house getting to her. However, he also says that Robin is truly crazy and was obsessed with cleaning. They also talk about why Robin may have been writing on the inside of her jeans. Rob and Alex also give some good suggestions for how to vote for the next sleeping assignments, such as Andrea with Jeffrey and Robin with Gene. Alex also says he was influenced by Jonny Fairplay and Evel Dick, but he didn’t have enough time to play out his villain character for America.

Next, in a Web Show first, Primetime Alex Stein is ready to perform a new stunt for America. America voted for him to eat an entire Big Mac in one bite. Alex attempts this, but can’t do it, so Rob calls a Mulligan. Alex then gets to work on the second choice vote: finishing a large strawberry shake in less than 30 seconds. He successfully completes this with time to spare!

After a quick break to recover from the strenuous challenge, Alex professes his lifetime love for McDonald’s, revealing he “bleeds chicken nuggets.” He also provides the origin story for his nickname “Primetime 99” and talks about his experiences on the game show “Baggage” and on Dr. Drew’s “Life Changers.” He also expresses outrage that scientist Stephanie has never seen “The Nutty Professor.”

As the show wraps up, Alex says America missed out on seeing his sweet side– they only got to see one flavor of him because they didn’t keep him in the house. He also reminds the ladies to hit him up on Twitter and the fans to see him do stand-up at the Laugh Factory on July 11.

Also, remember to tune into the Big Brother Top 14 results show tomorrow night to see where your favorite players rank on the list.


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