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Previewing the New Bachelorette Season and Reality TV RHAP-Ups

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In this special “Bachelorette Preview” edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino is joined by two #RHAP staffers and “Bachelor” fans: Amy (@RHAPrecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_). Amy and Haley will be hosting a weekly “Bachelorette RHAP-Up Show” on Rob’s new channel “Reality TV RHAP-Ups.”

The Bachelorette Fantasy Draft: Picking the Best of the 25 Guys vying for Andi Dorfman

They start off by giving their thoughts on the upcoming season’s new Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, and fill Rob in on all the backlash from Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor.” How could #JUANuary go so wrong?! They also discuss the tragic news that affected this season’s cast of “The Bachelorette”: After the season finished filming, one of Andi’s suitors, Eric Hill, died in a paragliding accident.
Then Haley, Rob, and Amy conduct a draft to go through the remaining 24 eligible bachelors who will be exiting limos on Monday night with the hopes of entering Andi’s heart. The Bachelorette RHAP-Up Show will be a spoiler-free zone, so everyone is basing their draft decisions solely on the photos and probing quiz questions provided in the cast bios on The draft will be scored based on who gets a rose each week, who scores an individual date, who gets some make-out action, and who lasts to the hometown dates, fantasy suites, and ultimately “wins.”
The results of the draft are below. It was a “snake draft,” with Haley getting first pick, followed by Amy, then Rob with the 3rd and 4th picks. Follow along to the podcast to find out the rationale for these choices, and have fun following along during the season to find out whose draft ROSE to the top!

Haley’s Team

1. Marcus (25, Sports Medicine Manager, Alberta, Canada)
2. Ron (28, Beverage Sales Manager, Israel)
3. Rudie (31, Attorney, CA)
4. Patrick (29, Advertising Executive, NJ)
5. Josh M. (29, Former Pro Baseball Player, FL)
6. Nick S. (27, Pro Golfer, IL)
7. Emil (33, Helicopter Pilot, OR)
8. Cody (28, Personal Trainer, KS)

Amy’s Team

1. Steven (30, Snowboard Product, CA)
2. Carl (30, Firefighter, CA)
3. Nick V. (33, Software Sales Executive, WI)
4. Marquel (26, Sponsorship Salesman, CA)
5. Brett (29, Hairstylist, PA)
6. Mike (29, Bartender, NY)
7. Josh B. (29, Telecommunication Marketer, CO)
8. Tasos (30, Wedding Event Coordinator, CO)

Rob’s Team

1. Andrew (30, Social Media Marketer, CA)
2. JJ (30, Pantsapreneur, MA)
3. Chris (32, Farmer, IA)
4. Dylan (26, Accountant, MA)
5. Jason (35, Urgent Care Physician, MI)
6. Brian (27, Basketball Coach, PA)
7. Bradley (32, Opera Singer, MI)
8. Craig (29, Tax Accountant, IA)
Join Amy and Haley each week for a full recap of The Bachelorette on The Bachelorette RHAP-up podcast.
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