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A Celebrity Apprentice Podcast for Bret Michaels

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Though Bret Michaels is battling a serious brain hemorrhage, our thoughts and prayers go out to him… but the Celebrity Apprentice podcast must go on.  Rob Has A Podcast hosts, Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri, are joined by Stephen Fishbach of Survivor Tocatins to talk about everything that went down during the 24 hour fitness task including…

– What was the better Cyndi Lauper moment: Bringing her mom to the class or talking about David Hasselhoff?

– How many different ways does Brett Michaels know how to say the word “thrust”?

– Did Sharon Osbourne really want to go home?

– How difficult is it to work with Holly Robinson Peete (Whateva)?

Find out all this and more as we examine another week in Donald Trump’s battle to become the next Celebrity Apprentice on Rob Has A Podcast.

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