Give the Gift of an RHAP Annual Patreon Membership

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Reality-TV loving loved ones? Give the gift of an RHAP annual Patreon membership this holiday season!

While Patreon doesn’t have a convenient way to “Gift’ a patreon membership, we’ve worked out exactly how to do it in a few easy steps. Simply follow the directions below for the step-by-step process of how to gift a new RHAP patreon membership. 

Benefits of Gifting an Annual Membership to the RHAP Patreon

  • Sign up for your Patron Rewards by 12/13 to get rush delivery of any physical rewards by 12/25
  • When you pay for an annual membership, you pay for 11 months and get the 12th month for FREE
  • Annual membership holiday gifts will include a FREE BONUS personalized video from Rob Cesternino (for you or for the gift recipient, just let us know)

How to gift an RHAP Annual Patreon Membership

  1. Visit our Patreon page at

    • If you’re already a Patron, make sure to sign out of your current account in order to create a new one.
  2. Choose which annual level you’d like to gift

  3. You will need to create a NEW patreon account for the recipient to use as a patron

    Enter the name, email and password for the person you’d like to gift the Patreon Membership to in order to create an account for them. 

    • Make sure to write down the login information so you can pass this along.
    • Patreon will send a confirmation to the email address you enter. If you’re trying to surprise somebody, or are unsure what email to use, you can always create a new email address to be used specifically with this patreon account to share as well. 
  4. Enter Country, State & Zip Code and payment information. 

  5. It will ask you for a Shipping Address.

    • You can skip adding an address by clicking “Prefer not to receive my benefits through mail.” We use a separate submission form that requests an address for Patreon Benefits.
  6. Success!

    • You’ll get a pop up message welcoming you to the RHAP Patron page. This will have a link that you can use to request any of your Patron Perks.
    • Make sure to either fill this out on behalf of the person you’re gifting the membership to, or pass the link along to them to fill out and receive their perks.
  • In order to receive perks before Christmas, the request form MUST be submitted before Sunday 12/13, otherwise shipping may be delayed until after the holidays.

Once your account has been created, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  1. This account will renew automatically in 1 year if you don’t cancel the auto-renewal. 
  2. This account will retain your credit card information until you delete it.

If you’d like to Cancel Auto-Renewal:

  1. On the top right corner of the page you should see a small circular icon that represents your account. Hover your mouse over that to access a dropdown menu, then select “Manage Memberships” 
  2. Under Active Memberships, you should see RHAP and the annual amount you’re paying. Click the “Edit” button 
  3. Under the “Update” button, click “Edit or Cancel Membership”
  4. Select “Cancel Your Membership”
  • After you cancel, you’ll still be an active patron and have access until your year of membership has expired.

For more information on annual accounts, cancellation, and what to expect, visit this support page on Patreon:

If you’d like to remove your Credit Card information from your account:

  1. You can only remove your credit card information once the membership has been cancelled. 
  2. Go back to the icon on the top right to access “Manage Memberships” 
  3. Click “Payment Methods” 
  4. To the right of your card information, click “Remove”



Q: What if I want to gift a membership to somebody who is already an active monthly patron, or has an account that is inactive? 

A: Patreon doesn’t currently offer a way to do this. Short of giving them cash / digital money that they can use toward an annual membership, the only other thing you could do is log into their account (if they gave you access) and upgrade their membership to yearly and pay for it using your credit card, then decide if you want to remove your credit card information using the steps above.