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Parasocializing 109 – Big Bro’s Baby Bro Ep4: BB Batman Reboot – 08/22/13

Parasocializing 109

Big Bro’s Baby Bro Ep4: BB Academy

  1. Aaryn’s Development
  2. The Art of Transitions with Jules
  3. Talking Head of the Week
  4. Letters to Big
  5. BB Batman Reboot
  6. Cringe Clip of the Week
  7. Helen’s Guide to Getting Nom’d
  8. Besties


Christopher Nolan brought Batman to a darker place than had ever been seen on screen before.  But now, after considerable speculation, Warner Bros. has announced they’ve teamed up with SONY film to produce the next Batman reboot, which they plan on making even darker. A stunning 9 Villains will be in the film and have already been cast. In an unprecedented casting twist, the final nine players of the Big Brother house have been given these high profile roles in a film that is sure to break records. When questioned about casting reality personalities, the SONY rep suggested that the evil we have all witnessed in the BB housemates this summer is more sinister than anyone could put on, plus that most of them are actors anyway and that you could put anyone in a Batman movie and it is still going to earn.

Letters to Big

Dear Big Brother:

When I grow up I wanna be just like you. I want to watch people, exploit people and judge everything they say. You taught me that power is everything Big Brother, and for you I’d throw a virgin in a volcano.  – Lil Jill

Dear Bigs:

My mommy and daddy say I can’t watch you because Gina Marie will give me nightmares, but I sneak downstairs when they sleep and watch anyways. You are so funny and evil. You make me laugh when you make those idiots cry. Keep it up Big Bro!  – Teeny Tommy

To Mr. Brother

You have done me wrong and I will never forgive you. Watch your back – Jodie


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