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It was the finale that had everybody talking... especially Rob. Find out what Rob thought of the LOST finale and the big controversial ending on an all new LOST episode of Rob Has A Podcast

The Island Gets a New Jacob on LOST

There's only one episode left on LOST and there's a new Jacob in town. Rob Cesternino breaks down everything from "What They Died For" as we try to get in the mind of Ben Linus and discuss Jack's new job as protector of the island on a LOST edition of Rob Has a Podcast
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Mommy and Me with Jacob and Smokey

It's the LOST backstory 3,000 years in the making... it's the story of Jacob and the Man in Black and Rob Cesternino is back with an all-new LOST podcast with fellow podcaster John Norton. We try to figure out where we stand with only three and a half hours left of LOST...
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