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Opposite Worlds Finale Recap: What Worked & What Didn’t Work This Season


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Coming to you live, several days after the live finale of Opposite Worlds, is Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark. After a bit of mockery of some singing, the guys wondered about the level of staging involved in some of show.

Curt didn’t feel surprised that Frank won America’s vote or that he won the season. Rob and Curt broke down how Lauren’s elimination and her popularity might have factored into Frank and JR’s end game. The draft that occurred in the final Worldly Challenge was dissected and examined to see if Lauren screwed it up. The challenge, while taking up the majority of Tuesday’s episode, did interesting when Jeffry’s deal was offered to JR, according to Rob. Rob offered his own impressions of the dealings too. The guys praised Frank’s character and pondered the sheer amount of recap and video packages. Frank’s family shout-outs and shirt rips were also given attention. JR’s decisions through out the endgame, along with some speculation, were spoken about logically.

The guys weighed in on the final 2 duel designs, with mixed opinions. Curt was glad to learn that Samm was single and Rob questioned Samm outfits throughout the show. After weighing in on the show’s effort to incorporate America’s vote and how the endgame was designed, the guy switched gears to comment on the show as a whole.

On the positive sides, Curt liked the idea of a highly magnified split house but Rob wasn’t as interested in the differences in both sides. Curt would like to see it be more dynamic in the long term. Rob and Curt suggested making there be more selectivity in who is in the luxury area and also have the weekly timely themes be used more often. Curt liked the idea of having the two worlds not be have and have-not but still be past vs future. Curt was a fan of Luke Tipple as the host, whether it be on Opposite Worlds or on some other show. Rob thought the idea but not execution of the Duels of Destiny was good.

The power rankings of the RHAP reality shows outside of the Big 3 were listed. Rob said he would rather have had the double elimination duel sooner in the season rather than as late as they were. Rob was stunned to learn about the origin of Opposite Worlds, as Curt explained he wanted the Worldly Challenges to be a bit grander in scale. Curt revealed his opinion about a second season as well. In reference to the twitter popularity index, Curt felt it needed to be tweaked to be perfected for the future. Rob thought the complexity of the Decided and Protected should be changed, as simplicity seems better.

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Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for the Opposite Worlds recap

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