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LIVE Opposite Worlds Recap After Week 4


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Rob Cesternino recaps Week 4 of Opposite Worlds with Brian Lynch and Curt Clark.  On this week’s episode the guys discuss the latest events from the week of Opposite Worlds including:

  • How did Frank switching teams effect the game this week?  Was this a net negative or a positive for Frank’s game?
  • What were the top moments of Danielle being on the show?
  • Why didn’t Luke Tipple let Frank give a shout out to his family?
  • Did we need a challenge that involved a Jurassic Park size pile of manure?
  • If Jeffry playing a good game?
  • How did Jeffry’s fake fight with JR come off on tonight’s episode?
  • How will Opposite Worlds handle eliminations on every episode of the show remaining this season?
  • What does Big Brother’s Ian Terry have to say about Opposite Worlds?
Recap of Opposite Worlds Week 4

LIVE after the Fourth Duel of Destiny

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