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The LIVE Opposite Worlds Week 3 Recap


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We are loive”, from a chilly backyard in Rob’s apartment; it’s Rob “Can’t spell Robot without Rob” Cesternino, Curt “Beast Mode” Clark, and Brian “Fry-an” Lynch! They’re back for a recap of another crazy week on SyFy’s #OppositeWorlds, and unlike one Duel of Destiny participant, they last way more than 14 seconds.

As always, the three men keep the you-know-what off their wood and go straight to the top story, discussing Team Epoch’s latest questionable decision: sending Chronus’ Frank in the Duel of Destiny, which deals yet another blow to Team Epoch’s fading chances in the game. They deliberate how Team Epoch is so terrible at strategy and wonder how they didn’t learn from their past. Find out the definitive answer on whether Epoch-Chronus or Broncos-Seahawks is a more lopsided matchup.

When Rob wonders how the show will possibly eliminate everyone with just 6 episodes left, Clark curtly notes the possibility of a swap next week given the one-sidedness of the game so far.

The analysts then move to the sudden rivalry between Jesse and Mercy and discuss how Jesse ingratiated himself with the American public after being their least favorite player just a week ago. Plus, how were Danielle and Sam’s popularity index rankings changed by this week’s show?

Jeffry, or “Fry”, was a central point of debate for the Three RHAP-migos. Was he crying? Frying? What is the state of his game now that his cover is blown? How does he fit into the house’s strange bathroom geography?

Rob and Brian nearly engage in a Jesse-Mercy level brawl as they debate whether being in the future has any game-related advantages, and can’t see eye-to-eye on Harry Potter. But Brian and Rob find common ground when discussing Big Brother parallels for Steve and J.R.

Overall, the three are still glass half-full about the prospects for the show and are excited for the FUTURE of the show. What do the three endorse for punishments and rewards this week? How much bathtub action is too much? Are the live shows improving more rapidly than Jesse’s popularity? Should Team Chronus even want to have the Decider? Where was Steve’s package during either episode this week? Find out the answers to all these hard-hitting questions and more on the exclusive RHAP Opposite Worlds Week 3 Recap!

Special Thanks to Austin Trupp for this week’s Opposite Worlds recap

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