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Recapping the Second Week of SyFy’s Opposite Worlds

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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap episode 4 of Opposite Worlds. On this episode Rob and Brian recap the week that was in the Opposite Worlds house including:

  • Breaking down the decision to send Wyatt in to the Duel of Destiny to take on Jessie?
  • How did being blindsided affect Wyatt in the duel?
  • Who are the players that are doing well in the twitter popularity poll at this hour?
  • Why are the players living in the past wearing heavy jackets instead of loin cloths?
  • Is Jeffry playing a good strategic game?
  • Has Jesse seen the writing on the wall and changed his attitude in the game?
  • How have the new players adapted to the game?
  • Why did Frank go beast mode and throw tomatoes instead of helping to untie the ropes in the worldly challenge?
  • Should we feel bad for Jeffry for being the least popular player of the week?
  • Can anyone from the future ever become the Decider?
  • How did nobody hear the alliance making between Jeffry and JR on the last episode?
  • What is going to happen with the robots on next weeks show?
  • How will the show get rid of 10 contestants to crown a winner in the next 4 weeks?

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