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Opposite Worlds Week 5 Recap with Tuesday’s Evicted Player


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Rob Cesternino recaps the week on SyFy’s Opposite Worlds with Brian Lynch and Curt Clark. Join us live to discuss the double elimination week and the outcome of the 5th Duel of Destiny

Rob, Curt with a fresh microphone, and Brian with a fresh D on his chest took their time to excavate their thoughts about this Egyptian-theme week 5 of Opposite Worlds. Also joining the recap team was the recently eliminated Steve James from Team Epoch.

Steve opened with a brief description of his time back home after leaving the show. Steve opened up with how his initial strategy crumpled as the twists piled up, leading to the failure of his Alpha alliance group, forced alliance with Frank, and subsequent elimination.  Curt questioned Steve about the locking in of Decider selections, which revealed that it is decided well ahead of time.

Everyone seemed to agree that Jesse being eliminated now was a huge shame as his game was strong all the way through. JR’s voting decision was questioned, citing Lauren’s influence on him being too strong. The Popularity Index’s sensitivity was put into question as Lauren was observed from going up and down in an instant. Steve’s explained his final words after being voted out while Rob said that the tweets afterwards supported Steve, throwing the popularity of Lauren more into question.

Steve also said how Wyatt’s being put into the second duel of destiny worked out and how the most recent Worldly Challenge played out, and more about Frank’s OCD, and the JR-Jesse fight over Danielle’s elimination.  JR’s treatment in the editing and Jeffry’s gameplay was discussed in detail, along with some deception not seen by the viewers.

  • Rob then got a chance to field questions and comments from followers:
  • Would Steve have survived had the show been longer?
  • Did Jesse’s emotional moments about Danielle’s elimination seem a bit fake and manipulative?
  • Is Frank the Inseminator?
  • Who are the winners and losers for voting Steve out?
  • How do the guys think the end game will play out?
  • How little do the players know about the endgame?
  • What is the trajectory of Jeffry’s game?

All of this and more awaits on the Opposite Worlds Week 5 Recap.

The Opposite Worlds finale recap might be bumped to Thursday to accommodate the Survivor premiere so stay tuned for the official time later on.

Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for recapping tonight’s show

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