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Nicole Has a Girlcast: Eliza, Bachelorette & Cute Boys

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Nicole Cesternino has finally taken up Rob Cesternino’s offer to do her very own podcast, and here is the first ever episode of Nicole Has a Girlcast. Nicole’s first guest is none other than the honorary mayor of Survivor, Eliza Orlins (Survivor Vanuatu, Survivor Fans vs. Favorites) . On this girlcast Nicole and Eliza discuss:

– Who are the hottest guys from every season of Survivor?

– What are some of the lengths that Nicole goes through to keep up such a glamorous appearance?

– What do Eliza and Nicole think of the latest batch of guys competing for Ashley’s heart on the new season of The Bachelorette?

– How come Nicole no longer wants to keep up with the Kardashians?

So pour yourself a martini and enjoy a Nicole has a Girlcast that is sure to produce a few updates on


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