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News AF 59 | Nickelback for Drunk Drivers – December 6, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Nickelback Crackdown, Parrot Witness, Amusement Spa, Food Inventors’ Passing, Turning Death Into Art, No More Reindeer Games and more!

Nickelback Crackdown

In an effort to curb drunk driving, police in Canada are threatening to force drunk drivers to listen to Nickelback if they are caught. The police posted on Facebook that on top of the criminal charges that come with drunk driving, police will play a 15-year-old Nickelback album in the cruiser on the way to jail.

Parrot Witness

A hearing for a woman’s murder of her husband took place this week in Michigan, in which the only witness was a pet parrot. The bird reportedly began repeating the victim’s final words, and its tone of voice changes to reflect that it was a man and a woman speaking. The prosecutor says that if necessary, he would use the parrot as a witness

Amusement Spa

A city in Japan has released a video promoting its upcoming spa (not spam) themed amusement park. The park appears to have all the fixtures of a normal amusement park, such as roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, but with hot tubs instead of seats. The logistics are not currently worked out, but the mayor of the town claims that they will start work on the park once the video reaches one million views.

Food Inventors’ Passing

2016 has been a terrible year for celebrity deaths, and this week is no different: The creator of General Tso’s chicken and the creator of the Big Mac have died this week. Both the creators died at the age of 98, which is surprising given the nutritional value of the foods they created. Given the celebrity rule of threes, who does the team think will be the next food inventor to die?

Turning Death Into Art

A new company in Seattle is offering to turn ashes of a departed loved on into a colorful glass piece of art. They come with a custom inscription and you can choose your color and design, all for a cost of about $145.

No More Reindeer Games

In a tragic update, Domino’s in Japan has decided to abandon the reindeer pizza delivery project. The company decided that it was simply too difficult to control the reindeer, so they will instead be festively decorating their delivery motor scooters as woodland creatures.

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