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News AF 58 | Pizza Reindeer are News AF – November 29, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about  Reindeer Pizza Delivery Color, Controversy Flip Flopped, Candy Canes Flavor, Hotline Mansplaining, Breaking The Bank on Booze, Squirrel’s Revenge, Chipotle Lawsuit and more!

Reindeer Pizza Delivery

Domino’s in Japan is currently teaching reindeer to deliver pizza in preparation for the holiday season. The nationwide effort is in part to combat the issue of delivering pizza when it is freezing cold, and also to connect to the Christmas theme. The reindeer will pull sleds filled with pizza, which will be equipped with an app that allows customers to track where their pizza sleigh is. How the pizzas will be kept hot is beyond us.

Color Controversy Flip Flopped!

Remember that dress that caused so much controversy over what color it was? Well, it’s back! Except this time it’s flip flops that are causing people to scratch their heads on what color it is. Is it black and blue or red and gold? What do you think?

Candy Canes Flavor

The newest holiday flavor-mashup is here! Just when you think they’ve thought of them all, they seem to wind up surprising us. You can now order pickle-flavored candy canes on Amazon for $8.99 a box.

Hotline Mansplaining

Sweden has set up a hotline specifically for people to call in and report instances of mansplaining in order to raise awareness for the condescending phenomenon. The temporary hotline was set up by a large trade union in Sweden in an effort to start a conversation about the way people talk to each other in the workplace.

Breaking The Bank on Booze

So many people in Pennsylvania attempted to buy alcohol the day before Thanksgiving that the credit card system at state-run liquor stores became overwhelmed and malfunctioned. The hiccup caused about an hour where Pennsylvanians could only pay cash for booze, creating long lines and social media outrage.

Squirrel’s Revenge

A Chicago city who councilman went into a tirade against squirrels back in October, claiming they were eating through city trash cans, was recently hospitalized because a squirrel jumped in the way of his bike, causing him to crash. The councilman described the squirrel as a “suicide bomber getting revenge.” Unfortunately, the squirrel did not survive, though the man will recover from the skull fracture.

Chipotle Lawsuit

Last week it was Krispy Kreme, this week Chipotle is in hot water for false advertising. Chipotle consumers in California are suing the restaurant chain for falsely advertising the number of calories in their burrito on their menus. The class-action lawsuit claims that the chorizo burrito pictured on the menu with cheese, rice, beans, and sour cream, is over 1,100 calories, as opposed to the 300 calories listed next to the image on the menu.

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