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News AF 57 | The PieCaken is News AF – November 22, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Piecaken, Cheesy Findings, McDonald’s Service, Canadian Heist, Canada Farts, Krispy Kreme Lawsuit, Disturbing the Peace, Driving Decals, Trump Cup and more!


A new trend called the Piecaken is sweeping up the nation this Thanksgiving. The Piecaken is prepared with pumpkin, spice and pecan pies without crusts. They are then stacked on top of one another, with cinnamon butter cream frosting between the layers. And if that didn’t sound delicious enough, the outer layer is covevered in an oatmeal granola mix.

Cheesy Findings

A recent study suggests that eating cheese could potentially be beneficial in living longer. The study found that a compound called spermidine, which is found in aged cheeses, can help reduce heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

McDonald’s Service

We’ve talked before about one mega-McDonald’s that had table service, but the fast food chain is now looking to expand table service across U.S. locations. It has been in testing in over 500 locations, and early next year should be available in most major US cities. The CEO claims that this is to make the experience more fun, as apparently, when one visits the restaurant, “the initial stages can be quite stressful,” so they are trying to make it more convenient and enjoyable.

Canadian Heist

Yet another massive Canadian heist: Police have uncovered a $50K worth of baby formula stolen from Vancouver stores, which they suspect was planned to be shipped overseas. After receiving a tip that a man was stealing formula and selling it to China, police launched Investigation Lactose Intolerant to catch the suspect, who has apprehended.

Canada Farts

Big uproar in Canada over the use of the word “fart”.  “Why does the government treat Alberta like a fart in the room that nobody wants to talk about or acknowledge?”   Green Party leader Elizabeth May therefore duly invited Rempel to withdraw her comments.

She said: “I heard her say a word I know is distinctly unparliamentary, and I think she may want to withdraw it,” before spelling the word out to fellow MPs for the avoidance of doubt.

“The word was f-a-r-t,” May clarified.

Krispy Kreme Lawsuit

A man in Los Angeles is suing Krispy Kreme over false advertising regarding their ingrediants in several of the donuts. The man is seeking a class-action lawsuit for $5 million in damages because the raspberry-filled, maple bar, and glazed blueberry donuts do not contain real fruit or maple. The complaint states that although the company advertises “premium ingredients,” they are in fact using “nutritionally inferior” ingredients.

Disturbing the Peace

A man in California this week was arrested for driving around blowing an airhorn extremely loudly early in the morning, disturbing his neighborhood. He was taken into custody, where he got the world’s greatest mugshot.

Driving Decals

Drivers in China have started employing a creative method to prevent drivers from driving behind them with their high beams on by putting incredibly creepy decals on their rear windows, which are lit up when a bright light is shone on them. Despite the ingenuity of the idea, police are concerned that they are causing accidents, and are enforcing a $15 fine for the use of the decals.

Trump Cup

Somewhat political, but this story was everywhere this week: After a video surfaced of a man claiming that was was not served at Starbucks because he was a Trump supporter, people began the #TrumpCup campaign. The “protest” entails people saying their name is Trump when they order their drink, so that the baristas have to write it on the cup and yell it out.

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