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News AF 56 | The War on Fake News is News AF – November 15, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about The War on Fake News, Amber Mariano is a 21-Year Old in the Florida House of Representatives, Cows Were Stranded in the NZ Earthquake, A Never Flat Tire was Invented, A Rodent is Found in a Zara Dress and more!

The War on Fake News

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has declared war on targeting fake news posts on the social media site. Zuckerberg has already stated that the work has already to give social media users the ability to flag fake news. It is unknown at this moment how Facebook’s news feeds will be affected by this latest update.

Amber Mariano is a 21-Year Old in the Florida House of Representatives

A 21-year-old girl in Florida just became the person ever elected to the FL House of Representatives. Amber Mariano won by only 748 votes, beating out seasoned candidates in her district. The young representative has higher aspirations than just being in the house.

Cows Were Stranded in the NZ Earthquake

Three cows in New Zealand are stranded on a tiny plateau following a series of earthquakes that triggered landslides all around them. The cows became stranded following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck New Zealand. It is still unknown who the cattle belong to.

A Never Flat Tire was Invented

Nexo is a company that is developing a bike tire which supposedly never goes flat because it is technically airless. The material used to create the tires is polymeter blends and are said to provide perfect balance, resiliency and durability. They are also recyclable, which will be easier on the environment.

A Rodent is Found in a Zara Dress

A Manhattan woman, Casey Fieseil, purchased a Zara dress, only to notice an odor emanating from it. To her horror, she discovered that a dead rodent had been sewed into the seam of her new dress. Along with the emotional distress, the dead rodent also gave Casey a large rash, diagnosed as rodent-born disease. She is suing the manufacturer for unspecified damages.

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